Saturday, July 22, 2017

Success Fellows pickup

So, having not heard from Crisp since a single text on Thursday morning, we are here to pick her up after the Success Fellows Program.

She had a fantastic time! She has learned lots about the campus and now knows where everything is, has sat in on classes, she performed card tricks for the talent show in front of a couple of hundred people, and has made tons of friends (and can actually remember their names!).

Here she is giving a testimonial at the final presentation for the whole group and their parents and getting a hug from her mentor.

"I've found my home."

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

It's official...

...they've given her an ID and everything.

Me: So, do you think you're going to like it here?
Cris: I KNOW I'm going to like it here!

Purchase dorms

We were lucky enough to run into the RA for Cris's dorm building (who has the room next door to her) who opened up the room she will be in in August for us to take a look :)

Although there are 2 beds it is a single with a huge closet and her own bathroom!


All checked in and unpacked in her home away from home for the next 3 nights :)


Checking in for Orientation & Success Fellows :)

Tuesday, July 18, 2017


Our old oil tank has gone off to other things (a parishioner has taken it and says he wants to convert it into an enormous barbeque!).

Friday, July 14, 2017

Artist at work

Cris got rained out of work today, so she's spending the day doing some sculpture work on a character she's been working on. And as our new, smart TV gets the Bob Ross Channel, what better to have on in the background as she's working :)

Housing update...

So, it turns out they have not been able to find any housing with other gender neutral students, so they've given her a single in Farside (#13 on this campus map).

It's a little further away from where all her classes will be held (but not by much- the whole campus is pretty compact), but is close to the dining hall,  the vegetarian restaurant and Starbucks. It's also more expensive to be in a single so we're waiting to see if they're going to make us pay the extra (as this is their screw-up), but it's not a huge deal if they do- as from what I can tell the singles look really nice! The only picture or anything I could find online is this video about living on campus- it seems to show a single from 36"-43", and if that's what it's actually like I'm really not unhappy :)

In some ways I really wanted her to have roommates, but maybe in fact this is better as a transition into college life. She'll be living on a hallway with a bunch of other people, sharing a bathroom and communal areas etc. and, as she says, she's hoping to be too busy to be spending much time in her room other than sleeping and studying ;) And she can always apply to share with her new friends her sophomore year :)

She will, however, not have the advantage of a roommate to wake her up and say "don't you have class in 10 minutes?", so I've ordered her an extra loud alarm clock!

Happy Birthday America

This rainy, wet Friday seemed like a good day to finally get to the pictures I took on The 4th when we celebrated at the Heffernans pool :) There are way too many of Holly (aren't there always?), but click on the picture above for the full album on FB.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Roommate update...

generic SUNY Purchase dorm room picture
So it turns out that they had not put Crisp in gender neutral housing as we had asked. We had been a little unsure as they had put her in with 2 boys and in fact I was going to call them today to confirm, but they beat me to it and emailed her yesterday afternoon to say they had realized that she may not be in the right housing for both the Success Fellows Program and then her regular dorm assignment for the fall. She replied with her preference to be with other trans or non-binary people, so we'll see what they come back with today, watch this space...