Friday, January 16, 2009

Holly's coat

Here's Holly's coat again. It's a bit big for her (I got it in the
clearance rack at Petsmart), so I had to take in the belly strap a
little, and when the collar's up she looks a little like an
Elvis-impersonator, but it stayed on through all the rough and tumble
play with the other dogs and seemed to keep her warm.

Holly is starting to get used to our routines (or we're getting used to
hers- or a mix of the two), and the cat has started to come home more
and has given the dog a couple of good smacks. I've set up long
hooks-and-eyes on the bedroom doors so the cat can get in and out but
the dog can't, and I think the extreme cold has forced the cat to come
in more- it certainly seems to have helped with the housetraining of the
dog- she does her business quickly so we can come back into the warm!
Right now the dog is curled up on the futon in the office behind me and
the cat is very comfortable on Crispy's bed.

A cold day at Ward Acres

Crispy and I took Holly to Ward Acres after school today- and it was
cold! The high today was 14F (that's -10C for you modern types), but
with the wind-chill it was around 5F (-15C). That's why Holly is wearing
such an elegant coat.

Friday, January 09, 2009

Holly and friends at Ward Acres

Ward Acres is a park in New Rochelle (about 15 minutes from home) that has a 3 acre fenced in dog-run. Holly and I came here yesterday to check it out, and I went to New Rochelle City Hall today to get Holly a permit so we can come back whenever we want- it's $100 a year for non-residents of New Rochelle, but I figure that's not too bad and we're paying our way towards it's upkeep.

So Holly and I picked up Crispy from school today and we came here to exhaust her a bit as she may not get out too much tomorrow if we get the snow they're promising. She seems to play really well with other dogs and has already met up with a friend she made yesterday, but it's really good to see her running full tilt in the middle of a pack of 15 other dogs! I'll bring my better camera next time and try to get some better actions shots of her.