Monday, August 31, 2009

Saturday, August 29, 2009


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We left the island this morning and all the families went their separate ways. We are here in Limerick at the Clarion before flying home tomorrow.

Thursday, August 27, 2009


As usual the weather toyed with us today.

After a miserable beginning it looked like the rain was not going to
let up, so we went to the pub (the Bridge Inn in Portmagee) for lunch-
and while we were in there the sun came out. So Dad, Crisp and I went
for a drive so we could park and walk down to look at the Tetrapod
(dinosaur) tracks on the north coast. Although it was sunny the wind
was howling! so after that we wound our way to the shelter of Glanleam
where I snapped this pic of Crispy paddling in the surf with Valentia
Lighthouse in the background.

Then this evening we went out for a fabulous meal at the Knightstown
Coffee House where we had the back room all to ourselves, complete
with a jazz duo to serenade us!

I am now about to go to bed, and am writing this at the windowsill of
our bedroom listening to the wind howling yet again- and it has just
started pouring again! So we'll see what the weather brings us
tomorrow for our last full day here on the island.

Another gorgeous morning !?!

Ah well, I guess you don't come to Ireland for the sun. But seeing it
for more than 5 minutes a day would be nice!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Dan the Master's

And just for the fun of it, here's a little panorama I took yesterday
while we had a moment of sunshine of our house, "Dan the Master's" (so
called because it was the schoolteacher's house). That's the house in
the right of the picture.

I'm sitting here at the window of our bedroom listening to the wind
howling and the rain beat against the glass- it's the remnants of
Hurricane Bill hitting the bottom left corner of Ireland with all it's
got left! Apparently this is the worst summer Ireland has had in
living memory- Co. Kerry has already had more than it's usual full
years worth of rain, and it's not letting up. And when the rain does
stop and the sun shows it's face briefly, the wind keeps blowing, like
our brief outing to the beach this afternoon- I would not have
considered going in the water without a wetsuit on, and Jackie froze
sitting on the beach watching us. Thank goodness there's always a pub
nearby to warm up in! But Crispy and I had a blast in the surf (thanks
to his new wetsuit- he is now the "Night Ranger" and I am the "Storm
Ranger"), and Simon is talking about renting a surf board and a kayak
tomorrow to play in the surf in!

Burke's Activity Centre

Here are a few more from our morning at the activity and pony-trekking
centre today. We had fun in the willow maze dodging the raindrops, and
Crispy rode a horse for the first time. The pony's name was Max and
here he's riding under the watchful gaze of Casey, Max's owner.

Inny Strand

Inny Strand
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Crispy's smart new wetsuit

Yee haw!

Yee haw!
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Crispy on horseback

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Is there a pot of gold?

After a quick shower we saw this fantastic rainbow outside the house
(the photo really doesn't do it justice). I suppose the pot of gold
for the English contingent is the result of the cricket- England beat
Australia for the Ashes!

Sunshine again!

This afternoon (Sunday) the sun came out unexpectedly (after a morning
of torrential rain!), so off to Bray Head again.

Derrynane Bay

Does my bum look big in this?

Derrynane Bay

Those of us with wetsuits went in the water- I had bought a new one in
the discount store in Cahersiveen and have been nicknamed "The Purple

Derrynane Bay

On Saturday we got up early and headed to Derrynane bay on the other
side of Waterville to grab a morning on the beach before the rain that
was forecast to start Saturday evening and last all day Sunday. This
is Simon checking out the view on the way.

Friday Supper

Then it was so nice we got all enthusiastic and barbecued and ate outside.

Bray Head

Here are a few more.

Bray Head

Then on Friday evening I took my camera and walked the couple of miles
to the end of Bray Head at the tip of the island to take some pictures
of the Skelligs in the sunshine, amongst other things.

Valentia Harbour Tour

We finally had a couple of nice days, so on Friday we went on this fun
little tour around the harbour on an amphibious vehicle- as they
describe it "a boat with wheels".

So here are some shots from the tour- Simon & Spike, Crispy & Spike,
the Lighthouse, The Valentia Lifeboat, and the boat we were on.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Ballinskelligs Beach

Jackie & Crisp didn't go in the water (it was bloody cold!), but did
have fun exploring the old ruins.

Ballinskelligs Beach

And yes, pictures were taken of me in my wetsuit.

Ballinskelligs Beach

This is the beautiful beach we went to this morning (while the sun was out!)

Ireland '09

And a couple more on the island and on the way back.

That's enough for now, now it's off to the beach and hope that no-one
takes any pictures of me in my wetsuit!

Ireland '09

These are on the island- it was a long way up steep, slippery, wet,
uneven steps, and then a long way down again!