Thursday, April 29, 2010

Holly sleeping

Just a test from my phone that's just been updated with the new, hacked Android 2.1!

Saxon Woods

But we had to end up by Holly's favourite pool so she could have a soak!

Saxon Woods Interior

By way of a change Holly and I struck off the path into the interior of Saxon Woods rather than just following our usual track around the perimeter.

There is lots to see, like the rocky plateaus at the top of the ridges with large clearings and scrub-pine trees. And then there are these stone tables, seemingly set up at random amongst the trees- like this one complete with benches (and a nice rock backrest on one side).

I must do a little digging on the web and see if I can find out where they came from...

Poetry Cafe

It was the "Poetry Cafe" in Mrs. Brennan's class today. Here's CJ reading his poem (sorry I clipped the beginning).


Afterwards there were refreshments.

And then we went outside to take a group picture of the class.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Spring in the woods

It's a lovely spring afternoon in the woods, the greenery is sprouting everywhere and Holly's found a tennis ball to play with in the stream. Nice.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

And one more thing...

Sorry- one more thing I've got to get off my chest- what's with the plastic TARDIS?

BBCAmerica has been showing a marathon of the last series all day as a lead up to the new one at 9pm, and it's made me realize something else that was niggling at me. In the last series the TARDIS is clearly a blue-stained, wooden Police the new series it is obviously blue plastic molded with a wood grain. Take a look when the light hits it and you'll see I'm right.

I'm sure a plastic TARDIS is a lot lighter and easier to move around when you're filming, but it's just another example of sloppy lack of attention to detail in the new series- and while I'm sure some may say it's part of the new TARDIS that the inside looks different so so should the outside, I say either use a proper, wooden TARDIS or make a plastic one that isn't so obvious. The finish on the old one was weather-beaten and matte (it's been around for a while after all, and has been through a lot)- the new one is shiny and cheap looking.

Sorry, I'm done now.

Doctor Who???

Spoiler alert for US viewers- this post discusses Doctor Who episodes that haven't aired in the US yet.

Jackie and I have just watched the 3rd episode of the new Doctor Who (via proxied iPlayer)- and we're not happy!

The first episode (which plays later tonight here in the States on BBCAmerica) was pretty good: a very inventive way to introduce a new companion...and a new Doctor- although we both felt that Matt Smith was too like David Tennant in looks (hair) and costume; and as Jackie very nicely put it- "all the manic energy without the charm". But we figured that was the first episode and maybe they're trying to keep him close to Tennant's Doctor to ease the transition, and as the series goes on he'll start to put his own stamp on it. But unfortunately that doesn't seem to be happening.

The second episode was OK, but Gillan's lack of wonder about being whisked off through time and space was a little annoying- episode 2 is too early for her to be so blasé- and too early for her to "save the day" (and save the Doctor from himself).

And then there's episode 3- rainbow pride Daleks, spitfires in space, and a repeat of the end of Star Wars and Independence Day. The whole thing was just too comic-book for words. No-one seemed to blink at a man appearing from no-where with a 5'11" red-head wearing a mini-skirt in tow- and again Gillan saves the day by intuiting the right things to say and do as if by magic.

I was quite impressed by Gillan in the first episode- she has a wonderful blank canvas quality about her that you never know where her face is going to go next- so she can surprise you. But as with Matt Smith I think the writing is letting her down. Four episodes in (if you include next weeks teaser) and we have already had 2 with popular "monsters" (Daleks and the Stone Angels) and 1 with a very similar feel to the Motorway episode with Freema Agyeman.

Steven Moffat wrote some great single episodes (including the truly excellent Blink), but I think the lack of Russell T. Davies' hand at the helm of this new series is really starting to show already!

OK, rant over- normal service will now be resumed :)

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Family Picnic

After the funeral this morning and confirmation class this afternoon (me), and menu planning and grocery shopping (Jake and Crispy), we decided to come and have sandwiches in the park for dinner. Holly seems to approve too.

Friday, April 09, 2010

About to turn the ... Lights Out ...

... film crew all packed and gone, and the church is all cleaned up and reset for tomorrow morning's funeral.

Now I've just got to go clean the bathrooms and the parish hall ... no rest for the wicked ;)

Lights Out

And shooting the reverse angle.

Lights Out

Shooting in the church.

Lights Out

Setting up to shoot in the church.

Lights Out (Again)

The film crew is back for another day of filming (I guess they liked us last time).

They are filming in the church itself later, but for now the parish hall is "holding" and make up for the extras while they film at the fake "UPS" store they have set up in the empty store just across the Post Road.

I snuck breakfast from their "craft services" table out in the parking lot- very nice!

Sunday, April 04, 2010

a lovely afternoon

After all that church, it's very nice to just take a quiet walk in the sunshiney woods with my dog.


Our decorated cross has proved hugely popular after both services as a photo-op :)


Susan preaching to a full church at the 11 o'clock service.

Easter 9am

Crispy & Ridgewell manning the altar rail at the Family Service.

Happy Easter!

Last night after the Vigil we decorated the cross we'd put outside the church on Good Friday.

The funniest part was this morning when I came up the hill with Holly on our usual morning walk around the block- her hackles went up as soon as she saw it and she barked at it and wouldn't go near it!

Saturday, April 03, 2010

3 to go!

Vigil's over, everyone else is gone, and the church is ready for Easter day tomorrow- 3 services to go and we'll be done :)

Easter Vigil

The candlelight portion at the beginning of the service on my monitors in the A/V booth.

Easter Vigil

The jelly beans for the reception afterwards have escaped!

"The Arc de Tree-omphe"

Walking with the boy and the dogs (Chico's along for a run). The joke above is Crispy's by the way!


Testing the "New Fire" for the Vigil tonight (note the strategically placed fire extinguisher in the foreground!).

Altar Guild...

...ladies (and a couple of gents) hard at work decorating the church.

Getting ready for Easter

Cherub choir rehearsal.

Friday, April 02, 2010

Good Friday

We finished the Stations of the Cross by processing the big, wooden cross outside and putting it in the grass circle in front of the church.

Good Friday

The choir singing the Gospel during the noon-2pm service (from my A/V booth).

Good Friday

The arts & crafts portion of the family service in full swing.

Good Friday

Crispy decorating a cross in the parish hall.

Good Friday

Fr. Matthew telling the story of Good Friday to the kids at the service that begins the Family Service (they go from here into the parish hall to do various Good Friday and Easter crafts).

Good Friday

Sorry To have not posted in the last few days- I've been a little busy what with preparations for the big Holy Week services this week, negotiating the return of the FX film crew &c. &c.

Anyway, here's the stark, cold church after the footwashing & stripping of the altar last night and ready for the first of 3 Good Friday services today.