Saturday, May 29, 2010

A funny old day...

It's been an odd day. Yesterday, around lunch time my back started feeling a bit tight- like I'd slept on it funny. Jackie gave me a couple of Motrin and I went out to walk the dog in the hope that the exercise would stretch it out. When I got back it felt a little better and just ached a bit for the rest of the evening, so I sat on the sofa and dozed a little while I watched the Yankee game.

Then when I went to bed I couldn't find a comfortable position. I tossed and turned for about an hour and a half, getting more and more uncomfortable and more and more worked up until I couldn't lie in any position without searing pain in my back. Finally, at about 12:30, I got up and woke Jackie in the process, and she decided to take me to the emergency room. She made a quick call and Matthew brought Jody over so that Crispy wasn't left alone in the house and off we went to Greenwich.

Long story short- after being poked and prodded and donating various bodily fluids for testing they decided it was not a kidney stone (which Jackie had suspected, and the doc had said was a possibility), but just a severe muscle spasm. They gave me a shot of pain-killer in my arm, and a valium to relax the muscles and sent me home to sleep, which I finally could. They prescribed huge doses of ibuprofen and a valium every 8 hours and I feel much better now, I even went for a gentle walk with the dog this afternoon, but I have to take it pretty easy for the next few days. I wish I knew what I'd done to my back so I can avoid doing it again, but I don't remember doing anything odd!

Luckily I had cleared the decks at work for today as we had planned on working on Crsipy's room to put in his lower bunk bed, so Jackie let me sleep (we got home about 4:30am) and she took the dog out etc. this morning. We went ahead with our plans for Crispy's room- with Jackie doing most of the work, with help from Crispy who was very good about being ruthless and throwing junk out- I sat and supervised. Then we went and bought a new mattress and now Crispy's room is tidy and has his new sleeping quarters down below and tons of room for his stuffed animals (or a sleepover guest) in the bunk above (see previous post).

Jackie has gone out for a well deserved night out with her sisters that was arranged a few days ago and Crispy and I have had pizza and he's about to teach me to play a silly game on the Wii (which should be fun in my slight valium fog). Jackie was wonderful taking care of me- and she's had the least sleep of all of us!

Anyhow, I hope a good nights sleep will do wonders, and I will certainly take it easy at work tomorrow, and I have Monday off. So if I'm lucky this will just have been a one-off, but I certainly have new insight into baseball pitchers who get taken out with back spasms- it's like nothing I've ever felt, and it scared the crap out of me!

Crispy's new bed

We put in the lower bunk for him so he can sleep down there and also use it as a sofa during the day. This did mean doing a serious purge of his room and the purchase of a new mattress, but he seems happy with it :)

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The finished board...

...for Crispy's "Wimpy Kid" game. Now we'll play it to try it out.

Filthy dog!

Holly after cooling off in the mud wallow half way round our walk (well, it is 91f- 33c for you Europeans). I'll have to make sure she goes in the stream before we go home!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Hard at work

Crispy has to make a board game from one of his favourite "Wimpy Kid" books for school- it's coming together very nicely.

Matthew's Party

I think David had a good time !?!

A quiet moment... the woods with Holly.

We had the usual church this morning (Pentecost with a baptism), then we had a funeral @ 2, then I had to set up for an organ recital for Andrew. And after our walk Holly and I are going to join Jake & Crisp & the rest of the family at Jody's for a lunch(!) To celebrate Matthew's graduation- hope they left me some food!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Mr Cowbell

With his buddies John & Mark,

Band Concert

Crispy's somewhere in the back playing cowbell-

I got a fever!!!

Holly on the bridge

I had to switch my day off to today, so Holly and I are enjoying the extended loop in the woods a bit early as we have Crispy's band concert later.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

In praise of good waterproofs

I've just come in from a lovely, soggy walk around the woods with
Holly. The rain was pouring and we had the place completely to ourselves.

I guess the old saying is true- "there's no such thing as bad weather,
only unsuitable clothing"! I have a very nice two-piece rain suit that
I got on sale from a hunting web site (it appropriately says "MAD DOG
Clothing" on it) and some fabulous rainboots that have rubber feet and
neoprene uppers (the stuff they make wetsuits out of), and along with
my Tilley hat they kept me totally dry and able to enjoy an hour with
a very happy and wet dog!

Saturday, May 08, 2010

Great Wolf & the Pentax Optio W80

And here are a few more random pics from our fun time at Great Wolf-

Nanny in the wave pool

Jake in the wave pool

Crispy & me fooling around in the wave pool

Crispy underwater

And Crispy and me (and Jake's feet) on the lazy river

Great Wolf & the Pentax Optio W80

And here's proof that the camera can go under water- a short video of Crispy doing his patented flip off an inner tube-


Great Wolf & the Pentax Optio W80

And here we are going down the waterslide we affectionately dubbed "the Toilet-Bowl" :)


Great Wolf & the Pentax Optio W80

Well, we're back home and I can finally see if I can post some of the pictures and videos from our new Pentax Optio W80 camera. This thing is pretty amazing- it takes great pictures (even in the less-than-perfect lighting of an indoor waterpark) and takes HD videos too. And it's waterproof to 5 meters underwater!

It just feels so wrong to get into a swimming pool or on a waterslide with something that seems so delicate- I mean I've spent my life trying not to get electronics wet. But this thing is not only waterproof, but shockproof too, so it seemed ideal for us for this trip and for Tobago in the summer. And so far I'm very impressed! Great pictures and videos and it spent the last couple of days either in my hand or in a canvas beltpack I was wearing in the waterpark- so it was either submerged or getting splashed or surrounded by wet canvas the whole time!

Anyhow- here is me and Crispy going down the roller-coaster waterslide at Great Wolf yesterday (I had to compress the video a bit to fit within Google Video's 100MB limit- but it still looks pretty good!)


Windy Walk

Back from Great Wolf- have unpacked, Jackie went to pick up Holly, I went and rehearsed the Confirmation Class in the church for their confirmation a week tomorrow, and now I'm taking Holly for a nice, windy walk in the woods before dinner :)

Great Wolf, day 2

Finishing up our all-you-can-eat breakfast before another fun session in the waterpark (I think I need a nap coz I ate so much, but I don't think Crispy will let me)

Friday, May 07, 2010

Great Wolf

The wi-fi here is pretty lousy and won't let me upload thepictures and
videos from our time in the waterpark, so that will just have to wait
'til we're back home tomorrow afternoon. I will say, however that I am
very impressed with the waterproof camera we got (a Pentax Optio W80),
this was it's first test in water and it did really well considering
the waterpark is indoors and not terribly brightly lit, so it should
be excellent in Tobago this summer :)

It's getting late now, so we'll put the monkey to bed in the foldout
couch and sleep soundly so we are ready for another morning of fun

Great Wolf

Crispy made out like a bandit in the arcade (helped by Jackie winning 601 tickets on one machine)!

Great Wolf

Nanny went a bit overboard with dessert!

Great Wolf

Crispy's ideal meal: pickles, pizza, PBJ, bread and orange soda- a well balanced meal!

Great Wolf

In the living room end of our room after 3 hours in the water park (pics and videos to follow after dinner once the new waterproof camera has dried so I can open it).

Jake and Jody playing cards while Crispy watches TV. Now we're off to check out the buffet- I hope it's all-you-can-eat, coz right now I can eat a lot!

On the road

Sorry, finger slipped- here's the picture that should have gone with the previous post :)

On the way to Great Wolf

Watching "Music Man" (Crispy's choice!) while bowling along 287.

Morning walk

Quick run in the woods before dropping Holly off and heading for Great Wolf!

Thursday, May 06, 2010

Sunny Woods

And finally playing with her tennis ball in the stream.

Sunny Woods

And here's Holly romping through said flora.

Sunny Woods

I took my camera with us on our walk- here are a couple of the flora.

Sunny Woods

Holly and I went for our usual walk in the woods this afternoon before
she goes to the kennels tomorrow for an overnight while we head for
Great Wolf Lodge (an indoor waterpark theme hotel in the Poconos).
I'll take her out briefly in the morning, but we're heading out about
11 so she needed a good run this afternoon.

The trip to Great Wolf is a make up for the Cubscout Night at the
Museum sleepover that was canceled due to snow in February- the only
other date they offered us was this Saturday into Sunday that I
couldn't have done coz of needing to be back for church on Sunday- so
we're using the money they refunded us to do an overnight at Great
Wolf Friday into Saturday (Jake and Crispy are both taking Friday
off), coming back about 4.

Sunday, May 02, 2010