Friday, September 24, 2010

At the football game

Mostly to watch Nikki cheer (that's her in the middle)

Is this Vet crazy!

When I woke up this morning I was greeted by a dog who could put no weight on her right, front leg. She was fine last night when she went out to pee last thing so I wondered if maybe she'd just slept on it wrong, but when she was still limping an hour later (and not getting up to say hi when the cat came in) I called the vet and made her an appointment for 9am.

When we got to the vet I lifted her out of the car and as we walked in there was no trace of a limp! We went in to see the vet anyway, and as she couldn't find anything wrong we all went outside and she had me walk Holly up and down- and there was the limp. Apparently this happens- the dog gets so tense and/or exited that they forget it hurts.

She had another good look over that leg and still couldn't find anything really wrong except a little tenderness in the elbow. She thinks it is probably a slight sprain, and rather than go to the expense of x-rays and stuff she has put Holly on a mild anti-inflammatory, observation and REST- hence the title of this post. I'm not supposed to take Holly for more than a walk around the block on a leash for the next 3 or 4 days- so no Saxon Woods and no off-leash tennis ball chasing! She is gonna be so wound up and crazy without a good run!

Anyhow, hopefully this is all it is and we can get through the weekend with a crazy dog with untapped energy and we can get back to the woods on Monday! Wish us luck!

Friday, September 17, 2010

It's funny coz it's true!

I just remembered an XKCD comic from a couple of days ago that explains it perfectly- just click on it to embiggen-

Change your passwords now!

Well, we think the worst is over (we hope).

Here's what we think happened- Somehow some Nigerian scammer (we know where he is 'cos I tracked him to an IP address in Nigeria) got hold of Jackie's gmail password. He (or she- bastards come in both genders) sent an email to everyone in Jackie's contacts saying that she was stranded in Spain having been mugged and needed money. He then deleted all her contacts and set up forwarding so that all replies were forwarded to him and immediately deleted from Jackie's gmail.

The result of this is that, although we realized very quickly what was going on (I got one of the emails, being, obviously, one of Jackie's contacts), we couldn't send an email to everyone saying to ignore it as it was a scam as all the contacts had been deleted; including, unfortunately, all of them from Jackie's phone- one disadvantage of having a Google phone, as soon as it synced with her gmail it wiped them all out! We also couldn't see any of the replies as they were deleted as soon as they were forwarded so they never made it to Jackie's inbox- we realized this as one did make it to her phone (the phone must have synced at the same split second as the email arrived), but by that point we were already off to Crispy's back to school night.

Thanks God I had jumped on and changed her password as soon as we realized what was happening. And thanks also that this particular scammer had not gone all the way and changed the secondary security questions and email address etc. otherwise he could have just gone right back in and changed it and locked me out. As soon as we got back from the Middle School I went in and removed his forwarding and checked all the other settings, but for those couple of hours we were out who knows who emailed Jackie- I truly hope no one was taken in by the scam and tried to send money! From the one email that did get through we saw that he was trying to get people to send money via Western Union to an address in Madrid.

Anyhow, the moral is- 

Change your passwords regularly!!!

Don't use the same password for everything!!! We've all done it, you sign up for a mailing list or into some website that uses your email address as your username, and you just use the same password as you use for that email as it's easy to remember that way- but guess what- you've just given them the keys to the kingdom!

And if you use gmail (especially if you have a google phone) back up your email and contacts regularly!!!

If this happens to you, here is a very informative message thread about all the settings you need to check in gmail to make sure they can't get back in once you've changed the password.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

We are not in Spain!

Anyone who has received an email from Jackie saying she's in Spain and in need of money, please be assured we are all fine!

Jackie's gmail was compromised by some f*ck in Nigeria- we've changed passwords and are trying to find out exactly what happened.

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

First day of school

I can't believe I've just dropped Crispy of at Middle School! The place looked so huge and he's still a little kid (in my eyes). But I'm sure he'l be fine- he proved he can do anything with the SCUBA course in Tobago! ...doesn't stop me wanting to go in with him and protect him though.

Friday, September 03, 2010


Dave was there to meet us at the airport (thanks man!), we've unpacked, done the first load of laundry, Jake's gone to the grocery store and I'm in the woods with my dog.

Thursday, September 02, 2010

Tobago- Day 13

Last day here- mostly spent packing and having a last lunch at the Buccaneer and a last dip in the plunge pool (the sea is very rough, either the remnants of Earl or the early effects of Fiona).

I've just come back from dropping Ma, Pa & Josh at the airport to get their flight to London. It was wonderful to spend the time with them, I shall miss them terribly! We have a cab coming at 7:30 to take us to catch our flight to Trinidad and then on to New York. Jake and Crispy are watching House and we'll probably finish what's left in the fridge and have a last plunge before the cab comes.

We owe Malcolm and Annie (owners of the villa) a huge thank you- this has been truly magical!

It was rainy and thundery this morning- the island Gods grumbling about us leaving!

But the Bananaquits were around to say goodbye

Grandpa & Josh

Jake and Grandma

Last lunch at the Buccaneer Bar in Stonehaven

We shall miss Villa Tosca! (if you're interested in renting it check

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Tobago- Day 12

After a nice morning futzing around the house and in the plunge pool the boys and I went off to do a couple of dives to complete Josh's qualification. While we did that Jake and the folks went to Stonehaven and had lunch at the Buccaneer. We then all met up at the villa and sat in the pool and played Bonanza before heading of to La Tartaruga for our last evening meal here. I don't want to go home tomorrow, but it will be nice to see Holly!

Crisp & Jake in the plunge pool

Crisp & Josh with all our gear waiting for the dive boat

On the way to our first dive

We have another SCUBA Diver!

Josh did the two dives he needed to qualify this morning (Crispy and I went along for the fun of it)- so we now have 3 qualified PADI Open Water Divers!