Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy F**king New Year

Sasha is embracing the fun this evening..?

Last walk in the woods of 2010 (cont.)

Couldn't resist adding a few more-

 "Still got my stick"

 Romping in the snow

 Diving into a snowdrift

 At full tilt coming over the hill

And I just love the goofy grin on her face in this one :)

Last walk in the woods of 2010

Holly and went for an earlier-than-usual walk in the woods this morning to take advantage of the glorious sunshine. Here are a few pictures-

 "Come on slowcoach!"

 "Who's that coming?"

 "Ah, someone to play with!"

 "Can't catch me!"

I've got a stick!"

Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Family portrait

Jake and Crispy playing one of the video games they got for Christmas- and Holly's helping!

Another year with Holly

I realised on our walk this afternoon (another fantastic snowshoe tromp through the woods) that today is Holly's second "adopt-iversary".

Holly on Christmas day this year

I went back and looked at my blog entry from the day we brought her home, and the one I wrote a year ago on our first anniversary.

Everything I wrote then still stands true today- she is a wonderful addition to our family and we are very lucky to have her. She is always pleased to see us when we come home. She is always ready to leap up from the comfort of a warm spot on the sofa to come out for a romp in the woods, whatever the weather, and we must have covered at least 2,000 miles together by now!

Holly in the woods as the snow began to fall on Sunday

She is still a little boisterous (she's about 2 1/2 now), and is getting better but still has trouble greeting people without jumping up in excitement. But she is fantastic with kids and spent most of Christmas day chasing or being chased around the parish hall by Robyn's kids, and though she did beg a little, she is not a thief and can be trusted not to take food from babies or the table :)

So, I thank the North Shore Animal League for not having any puppies the day we went looking 2 years ago- because of them we ended up at the Elmsford Shelter and found Holly. It was truly our lucky day!

Holly at 5 months old, the day we brought her home 2 years ago today


Or, the sleepover that never ends :)

I found one of the boys wide awake at 7:20 this morning, and the other wasn't far behind. It seems they finally went to sleep about 2:00am. Once awake they picked up where they left off and went straight back to playing video games. We prised them out and have brought them to the diner for breakfast.

Oh, and the title of this post...we're playing Mad Libs and that has been chosen as the word of the day...don't ask :)

Sleepover update 2

Well, they're still awake but I'm going to bed- something tells me they won't be too bright-eyed and bushy-tailed in the morning!

Sleepover update

One kid has just been picked up (their family has a policy not allowing sleepovers), Crispy and his other buddy are still wide awake. I've just set up the air mattresses and sleeping bags, but they've just started a new video game so who knows when they'll sleep ;)

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Sleepover time

Crispy and a couple of buddies are having a sleepover in the mancave Undercroft :)

Still in the woods

Happy dog in her coat, happy master in his snowshoes :)

Snowshoes rule!

Back in the sunny, snowy woods with my dog- life is good!

10 minutes of hard digging later...

...with my trusty grain scoop (my weapon of choice for this kind of thing), and it's a fire exit again.

One year I left this door too long and it froze, I had to cut the ice away in blocks with a chain saw- I made a cool igloo with the blocks though.

More digging out

Today I'm just cleaning up the various fire exits and doorways (that I could leave yesterday as there was no-one in the building).

This is the back door of the nursery school. Every time it snows I roundly curse the idiot who designed this wing of the building!!!

Monday, December 27, 2010

A good day

It has been a strangely satisfying day.

I've just come in from spending and hour or so with a snow shovel touching up some of the sidewalks where the snow had drifted and spreading a bit of extra ice melter where it seems in danger of freezing, and Jackie has just brought me a nice, hot cup of wild-sweet-orange tea.

Clearing the snow from all the sidewalks this morning was damn hard work, but there's a certain satisfaction in it too- maybe it's the endorphins of hard, physical labour, or maybe the fact that you can turn around as you go and see the results of your work stretching out behind you. Then I got to go and use my new snowshoes and tramp a couple of miles around the woods watching Holly romping and playing in the snow. And then I got to ride down the hill a couple of times on a sled with my son and watching him having fun. And tonight it's simple, comfort food for dinner- hot dogs and beans- after all the rich food of Christmas. Then we'll make a fire and dim the lights and watch a movie.

A damn fine way to spend a day!

More sledding pics

Here are a few more from sledding at the park-

 Crispy zipping down the hill.

 There was a very gusty wind- very cold but very pretty when it lifts clouds of snow against the low sun.

Crispy making snow angels.


Crispy sledding at the hill in Rye Town Park.

Saxon Woods in the snow :)

I pronounce my new snowshoes a resounding success!

Here are some pictures from our walk in the woods this afternoon-

 They were just clearing the lower parking area as we pulled up and a nice young lady from the Parks Dept. told us we'd be the first on the trails- so Holly got to make the first tracks in the new snow.

Which she enjoyed immensely!

 This is looking back at my snowshoe tracks.

 And here are said snowshoes- there is no way I could have done 2 miles through 18" deep snow without them!

 Then we met up with Thor and his owner Nathan.

 Holly and Thor had a fabulous time...

 ...playing in the snow!

And Nathan kindly took a picture of me and Holly in the snow :)

More snowy pictures

here are a few more pictures of my snow trenches around the church-

The sidewalk between us and Citibank (the Citibank manager had to come and park in our lot as his had not been plowed yet) .

Milton Rd. looking towards Rectory St.

And looking back the other way.
 Rectory St.

 The slit-trench I had to cut in the snow the plows had piled up so people can cross the street.

And looking back up Rectory St.

Virgin snow

Holly & I are the first people to break trail on the virgin snow :)

I'm tired!

5 1/2 hours of snow clearing, 2 tanks of gas for the snowblower, 200lbs of ice melter and I'm shot!

I'm gonna go home now and carb load with some pasta and then head to the woods to try out my snowshoes :)


Have been clearing snow for 4 hours now and have just run the snowblowers gas tank dry- I've never done that before!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Holly in the snow

Holly really seems to love romping about in the snow- she came out
with me when I went to take some pictures just now :)

Pretty but cold...

Just come in from doing the first pass with the snowblower. The snow
is still coming down pretty hard so by the time I got back to where
I'd started it didn't look like I'd done much of anything (painting
the Forth Road Bridge anyone?). And I can almost guarantee that by the
time I go out in the morning the city plows will have shoved all the
snow from the street up onto my sidewalks :(

But it sure is pretty- and experience tells me that even though it
doesn't look like I've done much, it will be much easier to deal with
in the end if I take small bites at it like this.

Let it snow...

Out with the dog before it gets bad and I have to shovel.

But I can't wait 'til tomorrow when I get to use the snowshoes Jackie got me for my birthday! :)

5 & 6 down...

Last service of this marathon lot (after the 8am earlier this morning)!

Crispy is acolyting while I keep one eye on the radar and the approaching snowstorm.

Update: the snow has just begun to fall!

Sunday morning...

...and ready to do church again.

You will notice that the area in front of the church is green and not white- we are under a blizzard warning for the next 36 hours with 11-19 inches of snow and white-out conditions expected, but no sign of anything yet.