Thursday, June 30, 2011

Thursday dinner...

... at Bar Taco in Port Chester to celebrate Crispy's fantastic report card that came in the mail today :)

Sunday, June 26, 2011

More underwater footage

Here is some of the footage Crispy shot this afternoon in the pool with the camera strapped to his mask- a little more elegantly cut together than the last underwater video I posted :)

From what this camera has shown it can do in the pool, I'm quite hopeful that we should get some pretty good footage when we go to Dutch Springs in a couple of weeks :)

Parking Lot

1st coat of sealer=done :)

Now I just have to keep the dog off it this evening!

Never a dull moment ;)

The guy who I'd booked to reseal the parking lot tomorrow was able to get a truck here to do the first coat this afternoon.  This way we'll be done earlier and can reopen the lot on Tuesday :)


Crispy's turn to try out the underwater camera at his last SCUBA session before the summer :)

And finally...

... this was taken with the native Android camera app.

Another church pic

... and this was taken with Camera360 Lite.

First 9am Sunday

Yay!  I get to start an hour later and finish an hour earlier :)

I'm trying out a couple of new camera apps as my old favourite (Pro Zoom 5X)  doesn't play well with the new CyanogenMod 7 software I'm now running on my phone.  This one is Camera Advance Lite.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Short Order Cook

While I was working upstairs this evening (doing a wedding rehearsal) Crispy cooked his own dinner from scratch- with nothing but advice and photojournalism from Jackie. Scrambled eggs and toast, but all his own work, which he then ate  :)

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


... and inside (good seats!)


Sitting outside the Westport Country Playhouse with a cup of coffee after dinner before seeing Paxton in The Circle.

Monday, June 20, 2011


I just got a serious deal on this nifty new sport video camera, a Contour GPS (in it's waterproof case it's rated down to 60M!), so I can record me and the monkey when we go diving.

I took it along to my tune up tonight to try it out for the first time. I'll do a fuller review of it later, but for now here's a very hastily chopped together 5 minute video to show what it can do :)

Underwater fun

Just got back from doing my SCUBA tune-up in the pool at the Rye Y. I'd forgotten how much fun it is- no wonder Crisp loves it so much! So now I'm all set and ready to go diving with him in July :)

Farm fresh!

Just picked up this week's bounty from our CSA share- yum!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

The only two things you need in your tool box!

Found this on the There I Fixed It section of Failblog- I think it pretty much says it all :)


Crispy & Jackie planting out tomatoes (Holly helped me sweep up all the weeds and holly leaves by repeatedly growling at and attacking the broom)

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Another Update

This is what I found on the News 12 website when I got home, poor man, I hope he didn't suffer-

Man's body found on Scarsdale-White Plains border

(06/16/11) SCARSDALE - County police are investigating a body found in the woods near the Mamaroneck Avenue exit off the Hutchinson River Parkway today.

Officers spent the afternoon scouring the trails inside the Saxon Woods Park where they say a jogger happened upon the body of a man in his 40s dressed in walking or jogging attire at around noon

Police say they do not know how long the body has been in the woods, but say the man's death does not appear suspicious. According to investigators, it is possible the man died of natural causes.

It is the third person found dead in the Hudson Valley this week.

By late afternoon, detectives blocked off a portion of the park while they searched a blue Toyota Camry belonging to the deceased man. The car was later towed away.


Apparently it's a bit more macabre than I thought- the cop and the town truck left as I was getting out of the car so I mosied on over to see and the satellite truck tech says they think they've found a body in the woods!

I shall have to check the news when I get home.

Interesting doings

I've just pulled up at Saxon Woods to walk the dog to find a News 12 satellite van,  a police car and a flatbed tow truck pulling a car up onto it.  It's probably as simple as someone didn't set their parking brake and the car rolled into the woods,  but I'll go check the scene when I finish my walk and everyone's gone ;)

Sunday, June 12, 2011


The class of 2011 (minus one who has a concussion from an ice-hockey game last night!).

Didn't see that coming!

Just watched the last Doctor Who of the first half of series six- awesome!

Gotta say, I think Rory Pond Williams is one of the best additions to the show in a long time- I loved the kick-ass Last Centurion facing down the Cybermen!

We won't mention the return of the Spitfires-in-Space (I think I made my feelings about them very clear!).

But well done Steven Moffat- I wonder if he had all this worked out when he introduced River Song in Silence in the Library?

Melody Pond, well, well, well....

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Confirmation rehearsal

Pizza with the kids after rehearsing in the church :)

You Turkey!

Walking around Saxon Woods we just came upon a HUGE wild turkey- this thing was bigger than Holly!

She chased it off the path to the left, then, as I grabbed for my phone, it came back at her and she chased it off the path to the right- shame my phone camera was just too slow to catch it :( But as I type this I can hear it gobbling away to itself in the undergrowth.

Big Day tomorrow

Getting set up for Pentecost and for the Bishop to come and confirm our 13 youngsters tomorrow, they're coming this afternoon to rehearse.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Very excited!

I can't wait for the summer proper! Since we got our SCUBA diving certifications in Tobago last summer I have been very jealous of Crispy because we found a SCUBA course that ran over the winter in a local swimming pool, and he has repeated it 3 times! It's for kids and is really below his skill level, but it's kept him in the water once a week.

But now I get to join him! Jackie's Father's Day gift to me is a weekend diving in a flooded quarry in Pennsylvania in July. It's called Dutch Springs and it looks like a fabulous place: they have sunk all manner of things to make the diving interesting- from a helicopter and a small plane to a tractor and a school bus. We're going to go with a group from the dive shop that Crispy's instructor runs who are going to do their certification dives, so we'll camp and socialise with them, and they'll bring gear for us to use, but then we'll have the choice of diving with them or just going off and doing our own thing as a diving buddy pair :) Crispy is all set, but as I haven't been in the water with gear since Tobago, I will have to do a refresher pool dive in a couple of weeks in the Rye Y pool.

THEN, I've just got off the phone from booking a half day's diving while we are in North Carolina in August! I had sent emails to a bunch of Dive Shops down there, and I picked these people, Discovery Diving, as they seemed very positive and were fine with Crispy's depth limitation (until he's 12 he's supposed to go no deeper than 40'). So we are booked for a dive, most probably to the ship above, the SS Indra, a Landing craft repair ship that was sunk as an artificial reef about 6 miles off the NC coast in 1992. Although she's sitting in 70' of water, her deck is at 30', so she'll be a perfect dive for us :)

Ward Pound Ridge

5.4 miles later, and here's Holly cooling off in the stream before we get back in the car :)

I'll have to wait and take a shower when we get home.

Ward Pound Ridge Reservation

Holly at the highest point in the park, the site of the old firetower at 860'.

It may be cooler than yesterday, but it's still about 78F and pretty humid. I'm soaked in sweat from the steep climb up here!


We got a big storm last night that broke the heat, so Holly and I have come for a hike at Ward Pound Ridge :)

Wednesday, June 08, 2011


Spent an hour or so this evening acting as paparazzi for the art show at Crispy's old school (Midland). His old favourite art teacher (Bret Reilly) had asked if CJ and I would come down and do it as I had done it last year- it was crazy hot but we were happy to oblige. I've just downloaded all the picture we took from the cameras so I can drop off the CD to the school tomorrow.

I gave Crisp my Canon S2is to use, and he took some really good shots- he seems to have an eye for it :)

Here is his picture of me taking a picture of him, and my picture of him taking a picture of me-