Sunday, July 31, 2011


Just finished putting a fresh coat of paint on the outside. Now I just need to grease the nipples on the wheel hubs, adjust the ball-hitch, test the lights and check the air in all the tires :)

Friday, July 29, 2011

Back at the pool

We are so grateful for the open invitation to use the pool- this time we brought Crispy's friend Jason :)

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

This is the life!

Some friends at the church offered us the use of their pool- thanks, it's lovely and cool and secluded :)

Most refreshing in this hot weather!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Roll on winter!

New 36" snowshoes

UPS just delivered my new snowshoes :)

It may seem weird, but this is the time or year to buy them! I got a great pair of Tubbs 25" ones last summer and had a blast using them all winter long, But for my height and especially weight 36" snowshoes are really recommended. So I've been keeping an eye on the GearTrade website (second hand outdoor stuff and one-off closeouts from outdoor gear stores) and a week ago I spotted these Louis Garneau ErgoTrail Epics, brand new on closeout from They're last year's model, but you can't beat the price- $40 reduced from $150 :)

They kind of dwarf my old ones :)

So now I have a backup pair so I can take a chum (or Crisp- if I can persuade him) into the woods with Holly and me. Yay!

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow :)

Tree trimming

Cleaning up some of the trees around the property that have got a little shaggy.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Damn kids'll shock you every time!

Years ago we took Crispy to the dentist and never made through the whole exam- he lost his mind! Since then we've been really bad and not had the nerve to go back- I mean it's been known to take 2 or 3 of us to hold him down for the eye drops when we take him for an eye exam- he's a little bit medical phobic!

Then, this summer, we got the standard medical forms from his school, including one that has to be signed by his dentist, so we decided we had to do something.

So we contacted our dentist to see if we could get a referral to a paediatric dentist who is used to dealing with problem children. Well, long story short, after multiple phone calls over weeks to dentists, dental departments at hospitals and our dental insurance company, we finally found out today that we had got a pre-approved referral to a paediatric dentist in New Rochelle and we just had to make an appointment. So I called them and found out that they don't take kids Crispy's age- he's too old and we've obviously left it too late.

At this point we have almost decided to bite the bullet (sic) and go to the dentist that Robyn takes her kids to but who doesn't take out insurance and just pay for it. But after a brief conference Jackie and I decide to go with one last try at our regular dentist and try some serious bribery of the video game variety, so I call and they have an opening at 5pm today (by now it is 4:15).

Jackie bravely volunteered to take him while I go and walk the dog, dreading the sound of my cell phone ringing and wondering what I would owe her for this one.

Well, apparently he went in at 5:05, sat down, had an exam, X-rays, a cleaning and a fluoride treatment and was out at 5:16 and told, "see you in 6 months". He has 4 small cavities but they're in baby teeth so they're not going to bother with them, and he was just fine throughout the whole thing! Damn kid, all that angst for nothing- Jackie said she felt like a right fool.

Just shows to go ya, he's growing up and we need to give him credit for that and have more faith in him- wonderful boy!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Rainbow :)

Crisp making rainbows with the hose :)

Cooling off 2

And Holly playing with a leaf in her pool.

Cooling off

Crisp cooling off in the pool at Cherie &  Eddie's (watched by Holly who has her own splash pool to cool off in just out of shot).

Trailer continued...

I decided to replace the spoiler on the back of the trailer as the old one had gotten all bent out of shape from the tarp pulling it down at the ends all winter. It is really just a bit of whimsy that Crisp suggested when I built the trailer, but I suspect it may actually help a little with the aerodynamics, and it makes a useful handle. The old one was just flimsy 1/8" plywood, so I used 3/8" ply this time to make it a little heftier.

Old spoiler removed and used as template to cut new one, which has been cut and sanded

Held in place with epoxy resin and screws

And a quick coat of primer :)

Friday, July 22, 2011

Thursday, July 21, 2011


After a good wash down, stage one is a coat of anti-mildew primer for the inside (the air inside gets pretty stagnant as it's closed up under a tarp for most of the year).

Warm enough for ya?

It's a bit tropical today!

1 month to go!

It's now exactly one month 'til we have the house in North Carolina - so it's time to start overhauling the trailer :)

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Dutch Springs video

I finally got around to putting together a little video compilation of Crisp & I's SCUBA diving at Dutch Springs the weekend before last. This is a compilation from about 3 hours of video from 3 dives, shot using my Contour GPS camera in it's waterproof case which I'm wearing attached to the strap of my mask. Crisp is in the yellow mask, strap, snorkel and fins :)

Don't forget you can watch it fullscreen by clicking the 4 little arrows at the bottom right, and you can watch it in HD by clicking on the "360p" and choosing a higher resolution.

Monday, July 18, 2011


This started as we were driving home from our walk at Saxon Woods- good timing :)

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Cablevision Cluster-F**k

Brandon moved out on Friday and transferred his cable account to his new apartment.

Today, when we got back from the Farmer's Market we noticed an Optimum truck parked by the pole outside the parking lot. When we got inside Crisp noticed that our internet access wasn't working- putting 2 and 2 together we deduced that the truck had come to disconnect his cable but had screwed up and disconnected ours instead- of course the truck outside was long gone by then.

After about 40 minutes on hold I got through to them and they checked and confirmed that that's what had happened.They said someone would come out to fix it between now and 8pm, but I explained that we were going to be at the movies until about 5:30pm. They took my cell number and said they would call before they came- I explained that my cell would be turned off while I was at the movies- they said that was all they could do.

So of course 10 minutes before we left the movies and I turned my phone back on they called and left a message saying the tech was there and needed to get in. I called them from the car as we drove home and asked them to send the tech back if he had left (along the way discovering that if you just hit "0" 10 or 20 times in a row really fast you can bypass the computerised messages and be transferred to a real person). When we got home the tech had gone, but our internet was back up (yay). Knowing that it couldn't be that easy I went and checked the church internet- it had been disconnected!

Back on the phone with them and this time I could escalate the ticket really easily as the church account is a business one. About 10 minutes after getting off the phone a tech calls from Port Chester to say he's on his way. He shows up and goes up a ladder on the pole and fixes things- but I don't let him leave 'til I've double checked everything!

So the dog got walked a little late because I had to wait around for the last tech, but at least now everything is working, for now- wait until Rory moves in upstairs and wants cable or internet, I wonder what they can screw up then ...

Harry Potter

Just come back from seeing the last Harry Potter movie (in 2D thank God).

Much better then the Deathly Hallows, Pt. 1 (which was far too unrelentingly dark), all three of us enjoyed it immensely. Of course now I have to reread the last book as I sat there all the way through the movie being totally surprised by things I didn't remember - maybe it's a good thing the movie came out so long after the book - or maybe I'm just getting old and my memory's going ...

Farmer's Market

I'll have one of everything please :)

Saturday, July 16, 2011


Measuring the difference in height between the floor of the church and the sidewalk outside to see what slope a ramp to the main doors would have to be.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Computer Closet...

... in Ruaraidh's (or Rory's)  office pretty much complete, just needs a lick of paint and it'll blend right in- thanks Rick!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

New Glasses

Costco just called to say that my new glasses were ready :)

A change from my usual rimless style, they are also my first pair of "progressives" (I'm aging gracefully!), they'll take a little getting used to, but so far I like them a lot!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Kayak & Pedalo

Then we went out in a kayak for 1/2 and hour, followed by 1/2 an hour in a pedalo- I think this is the source of my sunburn :)

Looking the length of the lake/quarry form the end farthest from the SCUBA area.
Interesting rock formations!
Crisp examining the rocks along the cliffs.
Crisp in the pedalo.
He actually did most of the pedalling :)

Dutch Springs- more pictures

We got back from Dutch Springs in less than 2 hours- a much nicer drive than the one there!

It looks like the videos of the diving came out pretty well, it will just take me a little while to whip them together into a compilation, So to be going on with, here are some pics of Saturday afternoon at the water park :)

We all had to wear dorky life-vests coz the water is 60ft deep...
...but very clear- as you can see :)
They had all these floating inflatables and Crisp decided it looked like a "Wipeout" course...
...he didn't get into the final though :)
Here he is swimming between things- you can see the huge slide we went on many times in the background :)

Dutch Springs - the Conclusion

Well,  we did our morning dive slightly earlier than planned, 40 minutes cruising around the Cessna and chasing fish etc. That meant we had time for a quick half hour in the water park :)

So now, damp and a little sunburned, we just have to break camp and we can hit the road and hopefully beat the worst of the traffic.

Much early morning activity...

... at the "dive village" down by the water. We're going to take our time and have a spot of breakfast before our first dive at about 9:30.

Dutch Springs day 2

Sleeping CJ

Saturday, July 09, 2011

Tent at night

Our home-away-from-home, all homey lit up with our lantern :)

Crispy is inside drawing and I'm heading in myself as the mozzies are starting to make their presence felt!

Evening draws in


As the sun dips low we are back from Bethlehem having had a lovely meal- chicken fingers and fries for the boy and a delicious spicy humus chicken wrap with coleslaw for me :)

The others (instructors Alex and Tonya, and student Kerry) arrived just after I posted the last entry, and we had fun chatting about everything from diving (obviously), to Derek Jeter's 3000th hit and Crispy's new idea for a restaurant.

Now we're just waiting for the sun to set- Crisp can't wait to see the tent lit from within by our lantern in the dark. Then we won't be long out of bed- I don't know about Crisp,  but I'm nicely tired :)


... at the Bethlehem Brew Works (shame I don't drink any more coz they have a huge selection of fantastic looking beers).

Wet fun!

We had a fabulous time in the water park! Slides and trampolines and then half an hour each on a kayak and a pedalo :)

Now we're just relaxing in the afternoon sun before probably joining the other divers from AquaVision at a restaurant in Bethlehem for dinner.

Dive #2 down

We did a quick trip down to the schoolbus and then made our way over to check out the mussels growing on the quarry walls.

Then we stopped in for a quick look at the gift shop (of course!), and now Crisp is in the tent changing into swim trunks so we can head over and check out the water park :)

SCUBA lunchbreak

1st dive to the Cessna down :)

CJ and I are enjoying a pizza,  then we'll go down again to the schoolbus :)


Tent all set up :)

Dutch Springs!

Up, breakfasted, and in the queue to buy our tickets :)