Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Post Irene clean-up

Now we put back everything we put away before the storm. But first we clean up the boiler room, coil up the hoses and put away the backup pumps (now we're down to just one) ready for the next time :)

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Playland Pier

The storm surge is almost over the pier.

Rye High School Football Field

Students are invited to try out for the new Water Polo team :)

Tropical Storm Irene

Irene has been downgraded to a tropical storm- but the damage has been done. We got off pretty lucky (so far), but here are some pics from just across the Post Road on Blind Brook-

This is Orchard Ave. and some poor person's car
They were evacuating people from their apartments by boat

This is Locust Ave. with the fire house on the left and the YMCA in the background on the other side of the brook

Blind Brook

This is just across the Post Road from the church- wow!

Whenever 2 or 3 are gathered together...

Matthew is celebrating up in the choir stalls with the 8 hardy souls who showed up this morning :)


With help from Lisa's boys I've moved everything off the floor in the Undercroft just in case- it's dry for now but there's some water on the floor down at the end of the hallway nearest the boiler room.

Spoke too soon...

Water is now coming in through the foundations of the boiler room, so I have added one of my backup pumps to the sump pit to supplement the main and secondary that are already there- this is going to take careful monitoring!

Good morning Irene

Well, so far so good :)

I've just done a quick walk around the church property and it looks like all the work we recently had done on the roofs and gutters and taking dead branches out of the trees was well worth it! It's raining pretty heavily and the wind is starting to pick up, lots of leaves and twigs blowing around, but so far no trees or big branches down. We still have power and internet, and even satellite reception for the TV. So far the boiler room (the lowest point in the building) is dry, and I just had to clear one drain in the alley outside our apartment windows that always gets clogged with holly leaves (I'll be checking that one every few hours!).

All the cars in the lot are from people who live down on Grapal St. where it always floods.

Wish us luck as the strongest winds are supposed to be upon us for the next few hours :)

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Hurricane prep next door

They are boarding up the Citibank next door- guess this thing's for real then ;)

I think we're ready... at least as ready as we can be.

The gutters and drains are all cleared, the chain saw is ready if needed, the sump-pumps and generators are tested and ready, all the loose objects have been taken in or tied down, our "go bag" is ready, our phones and other electronics are charged, and Jackie is changing any batteries that need it in our many flashlights.

The rain has just started, but I think I shall go and take the dog for a quick run before it gets any worse :)

Irene Prep, part 4

Down off the roof (I know my mother will be glad to hear),  roof and gutters all checked and cleaned- boy am I glad I had all the gutters and loose slates repaired just a month ago!

Now I'm starting to take down and put away anything that can become a danger in strong winds. So all our signs have to come down for now- the Episcopal Church will still welcome you- just not as obviously ;)

Irene Prep, part 3

Our little genny checked over- had to replace a cracked fuel line but it's running good now :)

It's just enough to power our freezer, a light or two, and charge our phones, but it's nice to have!

Now I'm off up onto the roof to check all the gutters are clear while Jackie packs a "go bag" for us all with essentials in case we have to evacuate- hope not, we've already done our evacuating!

Irene Prep, part 2

Church genny gassed up, started and tested with the main and backup sump-pumps in the boiler room.

Irene Prep, part 1

Backup sump pumps (with adapters!) and hoses ready to go, chainsaw adjusted and gassed up.

Friday, August 26, 2011


... covered and tied down against the storm after it's 1200 mile round trip :)

Hurricane Prep

Just ran out to Home Depot to see if I could pick up a couple of backup sump pumps- wow, what a circus! They have a big stack of pumps next to a big stack of hoses just inside the front door- what they don't tell you is that those hoses won't fit those pumps without an adapter- and they don't have any of those. I managed to piece together adapters from 2 or 3 parts in the plumbing parts aisle for me and a woman and her son who were looking very lost, but I wonder how many people have got home with a pump and hose that are basically useless!

From there I went on to get gas for the generator that runs the sump pumps in case we lose power (which I will spend tomorrow morning overhauling)- and the gas stations are getting pretty wild too with people cutting in line and getting pretty hot under the collar.

Now I shall go and try and relax by walking the dog through the woods while the paths are all still clear!


Homeward bound

Back in the saddle again...

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Arrived in Quantico, VA

Arrived at the Best Western and in our room- have ordered pizza and are just waiting for it to arrive :)

Last 100 miles or so was pretty white knuckle stuff in in the dark during a mega thunderstorm with buckets of rain and lots of big trucks- glad we're not going to be driving through the hurricane!

On the way home

Handed in the keys and we're off the island. Quick stop at the drive-thru and next stop Quantico!


Received a mandatory evacuation order by email an hour ago. Luckily I could change our hotel booking in Quantico to tonight. We're almost packed and should be out the door by 2:30!

Crisp getting a cool henna tattoo...

... just in time for going back to school in a week and a half!

Fort Macon

Flag over Fort Macon from the beach pavilion.

Hurricane Irene

So, here are our plans for the next couple of days. The town of Emerald Isle just sent out an email newsletter with an advisory and the news that there will be a town meeting this morning to decide about evacuations etc. It seems likely that there will be one, but we have decided to leave tomorrow morning anyway. The effects of the storm are supposed to really start to be felt here in the Outer Banks Saturday morning, and then it makes it's way up the coast, reaching NYC sometime on Sunday, this way we should be ahead of it and get home with 18-24 hours to get ready at home. I booked a pet-friendly motel room in Quantico, Va (just south of DC, almost exactly half way home) for tomorrow night a couple of days ago just in case, and it looks like we will need to use it.

It's a shame to have to leave 2 days early, but better safe than sorry! And even if we were not forced to evacuate and stayed through the storm it would then probably take us 3 or 4 days to drive home as we'd be driving right up through the area that had just been hit by the storm. At this stage I'm hoping they do call a mandatory evacuation, because if they do our insurance kicks in and we may get some money back.

So, this morning we are going to go visit Fort Macon (as the weather right now is gorgeous), and then do a bit of souvenir shopping on the way back. Then after lunch we'll pack up the trailer and the van so we can be ready to leave quickly if things change. Then we'll plan on leaving bright and early Friday morning.

Updates as conditions warrant :)

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Day 3 pics

Here are a few more  pics from day 3-

Crisp & me go-kart racing
It's going to be a while before I let him near the car keys!
Sunset from the deck
Seagull against the sky
Another shot of sunset- this one from the roof


The parasailing this morning was awesome- here's the video I shot :)


... enjoying the deck :)

Dinner on the deck

As we are all leaving earlier than planned, we've got everyone from both houses together for a barbecue on our deck tonight.

Jackie is giving tours of the house, so here are John, Marion &  Christian sampling the view from our roof deck.


And a round of golf must be followed by a go-kart race :)

Mini golf

It's not a trip to Emerald Isle without a round at Professor Hacker's!

Pool crashing

Robyn's household went off to Shackleford Banks this morning- so we snuck over to use their pool :)


With Crisp at the marina in Atlantic Beach waiting to go parasailing- that's where they tow you behind a speedboat on a long line attached to a parachute!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Lunch in Beaufort

We came back from Shackleford and went off for Crisp & I to go diving only to find that the dive boat has canceled the trip this afternoon because the weather offshore is too rough. We could have gone for a full days diving tomorrow, but Crisp has his heart set on the Parasailing we have booked for tomorrow morning and we may not be able to reschedule that coz of the impending hurricane! Anyway if we go to Tobago next summer we can do lots of diving there. It does mean we can join the others for lunch on the boardwalk, and there's talk of jetskis this afternoon!


... while Matt & Crispy play in the waves :)


Jake &  Jody looking for shells...

Shackelford Banks!

We just made the boat after waiting 20 minutes for the longest train in existence to go backwards and forwards a few times in front of us!

The sunbuster still works :)

Early morning, day 2

We're off Shackelford Banks this morning-and it looks like a good thing we've tried to do everything as early in the week as possible as we may have to leave early if Hurricane Irene follows it's forecast track!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Day 1 pics

Here are a few pics from our first full day here :)

Our little beach camp from the deck
Holly cooling off in her pool (with her new favorite toy- her canvas water decoy)
View from the deck looking west ...
... and looking east
During the thunderstorm
Random seabird flying over the surf

End of day 1

We've had a pretty good day!  Breakfast at Mike's, a quick trip to the grocery store, romping on the beach in the surf, and dinner at the Crab Shack. We had a wicked thunderstorm for about 1/2 an hour this afternoon as well.

Tomorrow morning we're taking the first ferry to Shackleford Banks, and then after lunch Crisp and I are going diving :)

This is our house from the beach- it gets pretty dark around here.