Saturday, June 30, 2012

Bronycon final

Well, we're home. I will post more pictures from the whole con later (or tomorrow), but for now here's Crisp getting the autograph he wanted so badly- Lauren Faust, the creator of the show. He was so excited and nervous to meet her (which shows in his slightly forced smile in this picture), but she was lovely and gracious (I think it helped that we were right at the front of the line so she was fresh).

This made all those hours queueing in the hot sun worth it :)


This is the queue for the 5pm autograph session, I'm 1st in line for the 6pm session with the shows creator Lauren Faust that CJ and Jason both want!


Just stood in line for 4 1/4 hours for these! Now I'm going to go and camp out by the autograph line itself to make sure we actually get the autographs- her signing session starts at 6.

Those kids better be grateful!


I'm still in the line for autograph vouchers, Crisp & Jason met up with Matt & Miriam and they've gone off in search of food.

I'm surrounded by people very earnestly discussing the finer plot points of various episodes of a cartoon show aimed at little girls- I think I've slipped through some kind of rift into another dimension!


Back outside, standing on line to buy autograph vouchers ($30 a pop!).

I've sent the boys inside out of the heat with a few bucks to check out the vendor hall- thanks God for cell phones!


In the "mane" hall, waiting for the opening ceremonies to begin.


We have arrived... Now we just need our badges...

This will be interesting....

I am up bright and early to get ready to head out with Crisp and his buddy Jason to Bronycon at the Meadowslands Exposition Center in NJ, along with the other 4022 people who have registered for it.

This is a convention (similar to the ones held for Star Trek or Doctor Who) for fans of the animated TV show" My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic", which, although it is a kids show has become very popular with kids of Crispy's age and above-

The show has been critically praised for its humor and moral outlook. Despite the target demographic of young girls, Friendship Is Magic has gained a large following of older viewers, predominately teenagers and young adults, largely male, who call themselves "bronies". Reasons for this unintended appreciation include Faust and her team's creative writing and characterization, the expressive Flash-based animation style, themes that older audiences can appreciate, and a reciprocal relationship between Hasbro, the creators, and the fans. Elements of the show have become part of the remix culture and have formed the basis for a variety of Internet memes.

Crisp's cousin Matt turned him onto this show, and of course is going to the con too.

This should prove to be an interesting day, watch this space...

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Multiple Crock Pots :)

Tami is making broccoli & cheddar soup for the Chapmans today, so we asked her to bring extra ingredients and we all brought up our crock pots and she taught us how to make it too- so we're all having the same thing for dinner :)

The Chapmans

Natalie, Christie, Colin & Jack.

After the "Thanksgiving for the Birth of a Child" at the 8:30 service this morning :)

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Blue skies

A much nicer dog walk than yesterday! Crispy is watching from the bridge while Holly cools off in the river at the end of our walk :)

I love the smell...

... of blacktop in the morning!


As a finishing touch to the sidewalks project we are replacing the asphalt in the half-circle in front of the church.  This will bring the road surface level with our wheelchair ramp, as well as looking much better than the old cracked and patched blacktop that was there :)

Monday, June 25, 2012

Drowned rat

This is why my car always smells of wet dog :)

The Saxon Woods car park is closed for the week coz a film crew is using it- suppose I can't complain as we were the beneficiaries of a similar deal just recently. Holly and I parked by the bridge and set off to do the short loop in light rain, which soon became a full-fledged thunderstorm! It was coming down in full tropical fury and the thunder was right over our heads. Holly wasn't too happy, but once I got a tennis ball out she pretty much forgot the rain and the thunder and got down to chasing it- that's my OCD dog ;)

I'll take defibrillation for $200 please Alex

Get well soon Alex Trebek! 
Alex Trebek, host of 'Jeopardy!,' resting after heart attack at 71

Friday, June 22, 2012


Pleased to report that Natalie Beth was indeed born this morning.

9 lbs 7 oz, and it sounds like everyone is doing well :)

Baby (again)...

Got another wee-hours phone call from Colin & Christie this morning, so I went over to the Curatory to be there in case Jack woke up while they headed for the hospital- I was relieved at about 5:30 by Colin's Mom & Dad.

Just saw Michael (Colin's Dad) outside while I was  walking Holly around the block, and he had had a text from Colin to say that it looks like today will definitely be the day :)

So, prayers for Christie and baby Natalie that all goes smoothly!

Sweatin' to the oldies :)

Saw this on the interwebs this morning and it made me smile :)

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Holly says...

... this is how you beat the heat :)


It's a tad warm in the woods today!  I'm sweating and I'm not wearing a fur coat, I don't know how Holly bears it and still wants to chase a tennis ball! At least she gets to cool off in the stream...

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Kidney stone follow up

Warning- yucky medical stuff in this post.

I had a follow-up visit to my regular doctor today after my little trip to the ER last week, and things are looking up :)

I had been told that there are two painful parts to passing a kidney stone: the excruciating pain I had on Wednesday night as it went from my kidney to my bladder, and then another painful session as it passes from the bladder to the outside world- and various people have told me that that can take two or three weeks to happen, so although I feel fine I've been walking around like a condemned man! But my doctor had better news- he said that it's more than likely that I've already passed it without noticing (even though I've been faithfully straining my "output") as it may well have broken up or partially dissolved.

I've been on a drug called Flomax that they give to prostate cancer patients that relaxes all the muscles around the prostate so things can pass easier, and he's given me another 5 days of that to be on the safe side, but after that he said I should be in the clear :)

Also, he said that, contrary to what I'd been told (if you have one you're likely to get more), as I didn't get the first one 'til I was 48 it's actually unlikely that I'm prone to them- it's more likely that the cause was me being dehydrated. So if I keep properly hydrated and stop taking the multi-vitamin I've been taking (as he said- "why is a healthy guy like you taking a multi-vitamin? Most of it just ends up in your stool!") I should be fine.

So, I feel much better. Fingers crossed he's right and I've already passed it and I don't get any more. Coz I can tell you- that 4 hours on Wednesday night is something I really don't want to go through again!!!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Swimming therapy

Giving Holly a bit of a swim workout as it's lower impact but she still has the fun of chasing a ball and still gets good and tired- she was a little lame again last night.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

And finally...

...this evening, a few pictures from the parish picnic this morning :)

Crisp has inherited my love for ginger ale

A chip off the old block...

...look how tall he's got!

Handsome lad (he gets it from me you know...)

Father's Day reflections

To end an already very nice day, Jackie & Crisp took me out to Molly Spillane's in Mamaroneck this evening for a nice meal (I had steak), and I just wanted to note a couple of cool moments-

They were playing some 50's rock and roll, which led to  Jackie and I talking about the movie American Graffiti, when Crisp asked what the story of it was. We described it as one night in the lives of 60s small town kids as they were about to go off to college or the army, and we said they were looking for the meaning of life- and Crisp came straight back with "Well that's easy- it's 42."*

The second was as we were driving home and Crisp asked if we had any Beatles to listen to, so I put on Revolver (the 2009 mono remix) and was happily singing along with Eleanor Rigby. Jackie was singing along too next to me, and I glanced in the mirror to see Crisp was singing along too.

Little things make me happy :)

*If this doesn't mean anything to you, you need to go read (or listen to) The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

Outdoor Playtime

They put a simple net fence around Jody's backyard, so now kids (and dogs) can romp with abandon without worrying about Playland Parkway :)

All cleaned up :)

Many hands make light work- thanks everyone!

Picnic begins

There are those blue skies :)

Getting set up for the picnic

What happened to yesterday's sunshine?

Saturday, June 16, 2012

And finally some pretty pictures just for fun :)

Blooms in the sunshine

This lens is nice and sharp, and the colours are lovely and saturated

Steeple against the clear, blue sky

Church pictures, outside

And here are some nice pictures of the outside of the church, the new grass has taken nicely and has been cut for the first time. It looks fabulous for the picnic tomorrow!

The new sidewalks and ramp fit right it as if they've always been there

Now we just need a new rose window!

I don't know why, but this little triangle of grass in front of the ramp makes me happy :)

And the extra couple of steps to the main doors actually adds something to the entrance

Chuch pictures, inside

After the funeral this morning I finished resetting the church for tomorrow and then took a few pictures inside and out with my new lens :)

15mm (24mm equivalent on my 1.6 crop body) at the wide end is awesome!

Handheld pics are nice and sharp with the IS doing it's job

Oh, and I hung our new banner on the wall,
where it will live when we're not carrying it in procession

Friday, June 15, 2012

Dog in the woods

A nice portrait of the dog I took in the woods this afternoon, she looks almost sane in this picture :)

Loving my new  Canon EF-S 15-85mm f/3.5-5.6 IS USM lens! I will post my own review when I've had a little while longer to put it through it's paces.

Film crew

Camera car rig for filming on 95.


Opening up the building early as we have another film crew renting the hall arriving in 10 minutes.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Rolling Stone

Just got back from 4 hours at the ER at Greenwich Hospital.

When we got home from the HDSW event my stomach started to feel uncomfortable, which quickly developed into searing pain just to the right of my belly button. After a false start (Jody came over to watch in case the boy woke up, but then I started feeling better), we ended up heading for the ER at about midnight. I was worried it was my appendix, but Jody had said she thought it sounded like a kidney stone- and a CAT scan confirmed that. I have a 3mm kidney stone making it's way from my kidneys to my bladder- then apparently I will get some relief before it has to go the last leg out (which I'm not looking forward to!).

I was literally screaming in agony for a while in the ER (had Jackie very worried), but I'm now hopped up on IV pain killers followed by a Percacet when we got home- so if none of this makes any sense that's why!

Suffice to say I'm as well as can be expected and will try and make some more sense later today :)

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

At the Coveleigh Club

Christ's Church is being honoured by Human Development Services of Westchester at their annual gala :)

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Acapella concert

Kids from RHS in the parish hall :)

Rainy Day

What with one thing and another it got late at work, and as it is raining buckets I decided to forego the woods and just give Holly a tennis ball workout on the flat at the park :)

Saturday, June 09, 2012

Finishing Touch

While we were rehearsing the confirmands the masons came and put the cap stones on the new, little retaining walls either side of the new path :)

Confirmation rehearsal

Running through the service for tomorrow :)

Summer boy

Crisp dressed to head for a Hawaiian themed party.

He'll have to be careful if he takes that hat to Tobago- Grandpa will want to steal it from him :)

Friday, June 08, 2012

More boring pictures from the woods :)

Took my camera with the 60mm f/2.8 Macro when I went to walk the dog today-

I think this one is interesting because of the shallow depth of field and the blown highlights

Sun through the high leaves- this one is my new desktop wallpaper

Tiny little flower cups, after the petals have fallen

These are the flowers as they start to open

Here's one in full bloom

Found this little fella sitting in his web- if you look very carefully you can see he has a tiny fly in his jaws

And of course- we must finish with a dog in a stream :)