Friday, August 31, 2012

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Getting ready to leave :(

Just returned from dropping Grandma, Grandpa & Josh at the airport for their flight back to the UK. We will be leaving for our flights, first to Port of Spain, and then on to JFK, in about an hour and a half.

We have had an absolutely fabulous time! It's been just the vacation I hoped it would be- we've relaxed, had fun, and enjoyed each other immensely- my parents are seriously cool for 77 & 78! (and Josh is pretty cool too!).

I'm sitting here writing this watching a lovely sunset and sipping a last LLB, sad to be going but sooo glad we came!

And I'll get to see my dog tomorrow :)

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Last full day :(

But we had a wonderful time!

We spent the morning just enjoying time together at the house as a family, feeding the birds and cooling off in the plunge pool. Then this afternoon we went to visit the Cocoa Plantation in Roxborough on the Atlantic side of the island. We had a fascinating time learning how cocoa is grown, harvested and prepared; and then had afternoon tea in the rainforest, surrounded by cocoa trees. Then after a quick stop at home to feed the birds again (Grandma the bird-whisperer getting Julio the Motmot to eat almost out of her hand), shower and change and then it was off for a last meal at La Tartaruga :)

Learning about cocoa

Grandma & Julio

At La Tartaruga with Gabriele the chef/owner and his daughter Francesca

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Island Girl

We did a cruise on the Island Girl today, something we did when we were here two years ago and enjoyed so much that we were a little nervous about doing it again in case it didn't live up to the memories. We needn't have worried- it was a fantastic day! We all got lots of color (!) and Crisp and Josh even got to snorkel with a turtle in one of the secluded bays :)

Island Girl

Grandma & Jackie on deck

Josh on the netting

Grandma learning the finer points of making a Rum Punch

Fresh caught King Fish and rice- Crispy's in heaven!

Grandpa looking handsome and windswept

Crisp in the sunshine


Monday, August 27, 2012

.. and Nylon Pool

... and the Nylon Pool- a shallow area of soft sand off the coast where you can walk in waist deep water :)

Grandma & Grandpa

Crisp and me

Jake and Crisp

Jake, Josh and Crisp

And when we got back to shore we just had to take this silly picture :) It's T &T's 50th anniversary on Sept 1, so they have flags and bunting all over the place saying "Happy Anniversary", and as it was our anniversary last week...

Buccoo Reef ...

Glass bottomed boat trip today to the Buccoo Reef ...

Many boats all going to the same place

Crisp as we sailed (motored?) out

Jackie enjoying the trip

Snorkeling on the reef- and Crispy zoomed about under water as usual

Huge, very tame Angel Fish :)

Sunday, August 26, 2012

...and beach fun

After lunch at the house we all went to Stone Haven Beach for the afternoon :)

Grandma & grandsons

Grandpa relaxing

Jake searching for shells


Crisp and I had an awesome morning diving (Josh's ears are bothering him, so it was just the two of us and "Sledge", our guide). We did two dives on different parts of the Mount Irvine Reef, and though the visibility wasn't fantastic it was still a blast! There were lots of thermoclines where the water changed temperature, but we were still quite comfortable without wetsuits- gotta love the tropics! As before the video will have to wait for better bandwidth- here are a few screengrabs for now :)

Crisp & Sledge in one of the reef caves

Colourful fish :)

Crisp on the surface after the second dive

And in the boat between dives

Saturday, August 25, 2012

...and homeward bound

After lunch our driver, Dennis (this excursion came with a free ride to and from Speyside), took us the scenic way home (!) with many stops for sightseeing and photo taking :)

Lunch at Birdwatchers in Speyside

Grandpa & Grandma with Parlatuvier Bay behind them. This is my new favorite spot on the planet- see that white house on the far side of the bay, right on the beach? I'm going to retire there! 

A Bananaquit with local bananas

Tonight's sunset before we headed out to La Tartaruga for dinner

We came home to find Jackie (who had stayed home to avoid getting car sick on the very windy roads) was somewhat pink from overdoing it in the sun, but not in too much pain :)

Off to bed now to get a good night's sleep coz Crisp and I are off for another days diving tomorrow- yay! :)


Then they anchored the boat just off the island so we could swim and snorkel.

Water boy

Grandma in the swim

Josh and Crisp doing water ballet :)


...and dolphins!

Little Tobago...

Today we drove to Speyside (at the north end of the island) and took a boat over to Little Tobago, an island bird sanctuary.

Here's Crispy waiting for our boat

Grandpa & Grandma on the boat (that's the house on Goat Island behind them where Ian Fleming stayed and supposedly wrote some of the Bond books)

Crispy being shown where to look by Frank, our guide

Intrepid Grandpa hiking through the rain forest...

...even more intrepid Grandma doing the same :)

Friday, August 24, 2012

... but a nice afternoon

We went for lunch at the local beach bar and then spent most of the afternoon in the sea :)

Grandpa striding purposefully towards the water

Crisp & Josh

Crisp & Josh's feet :)

Crisp bodysurfing

We came home to find that the water was out, so we had to make do with a quick rinse in the plunge pool. Then we found that the cable was out too, so we ran down the hill to grab dinner from one of the little food huts (chicken and Tobagonian dumplings- yum!) and settled in for another Bonanza session :)

Just before bed we found the water is back on, so we'll be able to shower in the morning before we head off on our safari to Little Tobago. Jackie is going to stay home as she doesn't want to get sick on the car ride up to Speyside (very windy roads!), so she will read, work on her tan, and hope the cable comes back on!