Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Spring in the woods

Took my macro lens and my smaller home-made flash diffuser when I went to walk the dog today- I love getting up close with the fresh new greenery that's all over :)

Leaves just unfolding

These look like tiny, new-born dragon wings
(or am I just watching too much Game of Thrones?)

Weirdly science-fictiony

Tiny flowers...


Leaves in the late sunshine

A green snow-flake?

Ferns unrolling

Tiny buds waiting to flower

I love the green of these against the black
(it wasn't dark, but the flash diffuser just lights what's close
and the background is too far away to be lit)

And of course I have to finish with a picture of my canine assistant :)

Spring Flowers

I love these pots by the parish hall door- Jackie and I planted them about 10 years ago.

They're getting a little rangy now, but with very little attention (and despite being used as ashtrays by certain members of the AA) they burst into flower every spring :)

Sunday, April 28, 2013

She's a wonderful woman!

After we got back from the baptism upstate this afternoon I went out to walk the dog. While I was doing that Jackie went up to have go at cleaning up the kitchen after the pancake breakfast this morning.

I came back to find this - it has not looked this shiny since the day it was installed!

Pancake breakfast...

... in full swing :)

Pancake breakfast

Complete with my special oatmeal :)

Sunday, April 21, 2013


A fabulous day, here are a few pics-

The official picture of the Confirmation Class with Bishop Knudsen

Crisp and I shared a couple of pairs of socks :)

Mandatory James Bond pose when you're in suits

Happy family

Handsome lad proving it was a real bow tie

He cleans up well :)

The Thorne boys...

... all ready to be confirmed :)

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Pre-confirmation Party

We've just run them through the service in the church, now we have some fellowship and pizza with family and friends :)

Friday, April 19, 2013

New toy :)

My new office computer has arrived - a Lenovo T430s from the Lenovo Outlet Store.

Now I just need to install the extra memory, replace the hard drive with an SSD, install Kubuntu Linux to replace Windows 7, copy all my files onto it, and set it up so I can use my existing dual monitors when it's on its dock :)

Monday, April 15, 2013

Never a dull moment

Possible gas leak in Milton Road outside the church.

A parishioner left me a message on our home phone after I left for work this morning, which I got after work when I got home, saying she smelt gas on the street. So I went out and checked and I caught a vague whiff of it too. I called Con Ed (the gas company) and, long story short, we eventually ended up with firetrucks, police cars, and firemen checking the basements of all the adjoining buildings (yes, including our apartment).

However, it seems to be localized in the sewer that runs along Milton Road, they checked the basement of the church right next to where it seems strongest and there's no trace there. Somewhere along the sewer there must be a crack near a cracked gas pipe, but our sewer line comes in from the other side of the building (and this has nothing to do with the new rectory sewer which also goes in the other direction) and is not connected to this one. It's a minimal leak, so no danger, but it remains to be seen if we end up with the road dug up....

Sunday, April 14, 2013

So proud...

...of my son (and all the other kids too)! They did and awesome job leading Morning Prayer this morning.

In the picture is Crispy's friend Paul who officiated, Crisp as the verger (he led the procession in and out and ran the sound and video), and Isabel and Robert who acolyted. They all did a fantastic job! Maddie & Theo did a great job with the sermon, which you can see here.

All in all- a home run!

It must be spring...

...I just had do dispose of Sasha's first deceased lapine gift to us of the year.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Goofball :)

My friend Colin just sent me this picture of CJ that he took the other day when we were playing with the excavator in his back yard. He wore this toy miner's helmet as it was the closest thing he could find to a hard-hat :)

It's like looking in a mirror...

Crispy at this afternoon's rehearsal for tomorrow's Morning Prayer (that the Confirmation Class are leading). He's being the Verger, so he's wearing my robes and running the sound and video system :)


So we got a new shower curtain that we thought had a London train map on it... I know it's been a while, but unless London has changed a great deal since I was last there something is terribly wrong!

I guess someone didn't want to pay the licence fee to use the real map, but this is really screwed up!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

And this is what it's all been about...

... the old sewer line at the bottom left going off to the back of the house... and the nice, white, new one going to the right and out of the front and down Rectory St.

Cleanouts galore, but with the pitch of the new pipe going down the hill we shouldn't ever need them :)

Finishing touches

The missing section of sidewalk has been replaced, the blacktop in the Post Road has been patched, they're pinning burlap over the grass seed so the rain tomorrow doesn't wash it away, and the plumbers are sweeping up inside :)

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

CJ the builder

Curtis let us borrow the Kubota digger so we could dig out the area where Colin & Christie want to put a vegetable garden. Crisp was a natural at it (I think the fact that it's controlled by two joysticks had a lot to do with it)!

We were going great until the thunderstorms started, when we decided that sitting in a metal box while the lightning flashed maybe wasn't the best idea... Oh well, we'll have another go in the morning :)


... we have a working sewer line :)

They have to come back tomorrow to install a couple of cleanouts, and the blacktop in the Post Road still needs to be patched, but the trench is backfilled and all the pipes inside the house have been switched over to the new pipe coming out of the front.

Light at the end of the tunnel (ha, ha)

Hopefully today we button most of this up :)

Tuesday, April 09, 2013

A full day

The sewer line is hooked up under the Post Road and all the way up into the house; the k-crete is in (special non-compressible concrete for under roadways) and they've started backfilling. Tomorrow they'll finish the backfilling, cut and cap the cleanouts (the white pipes sticking up), blacktop the Post Road and hopefully switch the pipes in the house over to use this sewer line instead of the old one :)

Spring is here!

Forget the first cuckoo, it's the first airing of the Verger's knees :)

Beautiful day, sunny and 74F.

Rectory sewer

Pipe in the trench, not connected to anything yet - but it's a very encouraging sight :)

Monday, April 08, 2013

Sewer trench

They have been going great today: we have finished drilling through the foundation and the trench goes all the way from the house, under the wall, and more than half way down the street. And at the bottom of the hill we have exposed the connection to the main sewer in the Post Road and should be able to start laying pipe tomorrow :)

Panorama showing the trench from the house and down the hill
View up the hill with the road plates covering the opening  in the Post Road until we open it up again tomorrow


So far it all seems to be going according to plan :)

Let the sewer work begin :)

While a brief site meeting to decide exactly where to dig next to the house goes on, the road cutting crew are already at work at the bottom of the hill making the cuts in the Post Road where we'll meet the main sewer line.

Sunday, April 07, 2013

With the Confirmation Class...

... in the church for a first blocking rehearsal for next Sunday's Morning Prayer - which they are leading :)

Friday, April 05, 2013

Rectory Sewer

After all the excitement of the bell and the crane yesterday, I forgot to mention that we also started work on the other big project we've been planning over the winter: the new sewer line for the rectory coming out of the front of the house and down Rectory St., to replace the old, problematical one that comes out of the back of the house and down the back yard.

Yesterday they moved the shrubs that will be in the way when we start digging, and today they have started drilling the hole through the foundation for the new pipe to go through - slow work as the foundation is 18-24" thick and made of granite blocks!