Friday, August 30, 2013

Back in the woods together

Nancy brought Holly home once she realized we were back- we were very pleased to see each other!

I thought I would bring her to just do the short loop in the woods to ease us back into our routine, and it's got awfully autumnal while we were away!


Smooth sailing through JFK after an uneventful flight, Saint Colin was there to pick us up and we were back in Rye by 2:45 :)

Back in the USA

Just touched down at JFK :)

Flight #1

On board and ready to taxi :)

Getting there...

After a not unpleasant night at our car park hotel and a punctual ride to the airport this morning, we are checked in and through security for our first flight (Bristol to Dublin).

CJ is checking tumblr and Jackie is checking out the duty free.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

On the way home

We're sitting in a pub just next to Bristol airport, waiting for our fish and chips or bangers and mash. We made very good time to our hotel (which is perfect for us- 2 bedrooms with free Wi-Fi and big TVs and a free ride to the airport in the morning) and after we have eaten we will try and return the rental car so we don't have to deal with it in the morning.

Very sad to say goodbye to everyone (the picture above is a we left the house on Devon), but we had a great time and home is calling... and we'll get to see Holly :)

Dodgems and birds...

Yesterday we went to "the Milky Way" Voted North Devon's Best Day Out - it was a little bit like being at the Craggy Island Fair, but fun all the same :)

I was still feeling a bit wonky (long story- but take it from me, only take Immodium if you absolutely have to!) so I didn't get pictures of all of it as I went back and snoozed in the car, but the kids had a good time and Lyla became the queen of the roller coasters!

Spike and Jackie on the dodgems...

...I don't think Jackie trusts his driving!

Crisp had a good time too

The Bird of Prey demonstration was great!

Swooping owl :)

Unfortunately my wonky tummy made me miss the last dinner out at the Hart Inn- which turned out to be almost free thanks to our landlady Caroline and the hot tub....long story :) But this morning I feel like a new man and think I may even be able to join in the last cycle we have planned back on the Tarka Trail!

Then we have to pack and sadly head off to our hotel room at Bristol Airport ready for our early morning flight tomorrow morning...

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Grandma's first time...

... in a hot tub :)

Spotted in Hartland...

... between 2 blue doors :)

"Devonish" tummy :(

The last few days have been a bit of a downer as Jake and I have been struck down with some kind of "holiday tummy" bug with the all the classic symptoms. Dad had something similar earlier in the week but seemed to shake it off in less than a day, though he didn't really have much more than tiredness and feeling "off", so I suspect his was due to to much sun.

Hopefully though we're coming to the end of it, Jackie started with it about 24 hours before me and was feeling much better yesterday, so fingers crossed I will be better today!

We have some fun stuff planned for our last couple of days that I don't want to miss out on, and I feel bad that we're bringing everyone else down. So, positive vibes and all that and I shall get out of bed in a few minutes and feel much better (it's just before 7am here)...

Monday, August 26, 2013


...was another nice quiet day spent close to home :)

Dad and I walked into the village for supplies...

...and happened to be there as the North Devon Mini Club drove through on their annual outing- 400 minis all decorated and honking their horns :)

Then on the way home we ran into Simon on the way back from a training ride

Then we popped back to St. Nectan's so I could take some pictures

The church dates from 1050, but the current building is mostly 14th & 15th century with a 128 foot tower

Beautiful painting on the barrel ceiling

They've just had their organ refurbished :)

14th century rood screen

King Arthur window

Then we popped down to Hartland Quay to look at the beach

CJ looking out to sea

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Clovelly pictures

Here are some more pictures from our day out to Clovelly today-

Dad and Simon on the way down through the village

The harbour from above

The village from the sea wall

Simon surveying the village :)

Self, Lyla and Caroline sitting on the wall outside the pub



Simon and Caroline

Spike on the way back up the hill

Crisp in the new hat he got from the shop at the top-
I have one too- no surprise :)

Clovelly Harbour photosphere

Click on the link to see the lovely fishing harbor where we had lunch :)!/s/b9552ac3028c1cd6bc684b9c1fef06b1

Clovelly lunch

At the Red Lion in the harbour :)

Better pics and photosphere to follow :)

Friday, August 23, 2013

Lazy day Thursday

Yesterday we just had a lazy day hanging out at the house and places close by- beautiful weather and much silliness :)

Lyla being inscrutable

Wonderful farm store- amazing local fresh meat and produce

Reading in the sunshine in the garden at the house

Crisp being bucolic as we walked to the pub

Thorne men at the pub

Spike and Jed in the sunshine on the way home from the pub

The cows lined up as soon as we lit the barbecue,
I guess they were wondering who we were having for dinner :)

But it was venison on the grill
(and fresh caught mackerel in the foil packets)

Dinner in the garden

Followed by watching the sunset on the lawn :)

Intrepid cyclists!

We had a great time riding on the Tarka Trail today (a cycle trail along the route of an old railway line), we did the section between Great Torrington and Bideford- 5 miles each way- Jake and Crisp surprised themselves by cycling 10 miles :)

Crisp loved his trike and now wants one back in Rye :)

View out through the railroad tunnel towards Bideford

Tarka Trail

Crisp on his trike at a quick stop on the estuary bridge :)

Lunch at the Puffing Billy

Before we head off on our great cycling excursion on the Tarka Trail :)

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

CJ learns there is another kind of surfing :)

Fantastic day today at Widemouth Beach...

Self-portrait at breakfast


Spike in wetsuit

Everyone in wetsuits :)

Grandma, Grandpa & Jed looking after base camp

Crisp heading into the water with a surfboard!

Simon & Crisp surveying the surf

Spike catching a wave on his body-board

Crisp cruises in at the end of a wave

Surf dude :)

Me and my son after an awesome afternoon!