Monday, April 28, 2014

Holly has a new neighbor

Congrats to Colin, Christie, Jack and Natalie as they welcome "Abbey" to their family :)

Holly and I went up to the shelter with Colin this afternoon to make sure the doggy neighbors will get on with each other, and it went so well we brought her back with us.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Overheard at dinner

CJ: "Being a vampire would be nice and all, but then there's no garlic bread, so what's the point?"

Monday, April 21, 2014

Spring is sprung

The church was closed today to give us all some time to recover, so I took my macro lens with me when I went to walk the dog to get some up-close-and-personal shots of nature awakening :)

These are all along the bottom trail, about 3/4 an inch wide

Leaves budding

I love how alien these are

Bramble leaf emerging

Fresh green

These tiny flowers are abundant along the upper trail...

...about 1/4"

And of course, Holly

Another of the alien spears

"Self portrait in a dog's eye"

And the full version of what the above was cropped from

Buttercup and bug

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Happy Easter!

All put to bed and ready to do it three more times tomorrow :)

And then I collapse in a small heap! ;)

The Great Vigil of Easter

My favorite service of the whole church year :)

As ready as we can be :)

The flowers are done, the new fire is ready, the altar is set and hidden, the font is in place, the offering envelopes are in the pews, the candles and bells are ready, the missals are marked, and the sparkling cider and prosecco are in the fridge!

Getting ready

Working in the church this morning getting ready for the Vigil tonight and Easter tomorrow.

Our Paschal Candle was always painted by a parishioner who died this year, so this is our first store-bought one. I've just finished applying the date and inserting the nails in the cross. Howard, this doesn't hold a candle to the ones you did... pun intended, he would have approved :)

Friday, April 18, 2014

Good Friday

Services done, now we go quiet until the Vigil tomorrow night.

-Apart from all the crazy altar guild activity tomorrow morning :)

Good Friday

After a super successful family service and program this morning, the Stations are hung and the church is all ready for the noon-three service.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Saturday, April 12, 2014

And the road...

... is strewn (well, painted) with palms :)

Spring is here,

Holly is in her stream, and we're gently reintroducing the tennis ball after a month off :)

And so it begins...

Spent the morning getting the church ready for Palm Sunday tomorrow as Holy Week is upon us.

The palms are in water to freshen them up for the morning

The crosses are veiled...

...all around the building

And the paper road is taped down to the parish hall floor ready for the Confirmation Class and friends to paint palms on it later this afternoon

PAX- wrap up

We got back late last night after driving back from Boston after a full day at PAX! We had a blast and so here are a few final pictures :)

After parking behind the BCEC we faced a long walk from the back to the front of the building, and then we walked inside from the front to the back, to the...

"Q" Room where we were staged before being let loose at 10 (the queue to the right is the huge mass waiting to get into the "Expo" Room, our smaller queue was because we started in the "Tabletop" area

When we got into the Expo Room we were greeted by amazing booths like this

CJ checking the schedule to decide what to do next

A quiet moment outside the Main Theater waiting to go into the...

...Rooster Teeth panel

And then back to the seething mass of humanity that was the Expo Room

Crisp had fun trying out games and chatting with game developers

CJ with the Rooster Teeth gang...

...getting his poster signed...

...and again with Rooster Teeth

Crisp had the Rooster Teeth folks make a video for his web friend Julie :)

And finally another in my continuing series "Colin Taking Pictures of Things"