Thursday, June 11, 2015

I'm sorry trees

Crisp has a couple of new carnivorous plants in his room (long story... he wanted a tarantula), and so I thought he might enjoy reading The Day of the Triffids by John Wyndham. I was a little aghast at how expensive it was for our Kindles (I know, I know, it's all about the work writing the book, not the cost of physically producing it), and I found while looking it up that the American release of the book (that the Kindle version was taken from) had about 12% mysteriously cut from it. So I managed to track down a British copy on ThriftBooks (with the same cover I remembered from my parents bookshelf) for him. Of course I had to reread it myself first before I gave it to him (he is now reading it and gives it 2 thumbs up), and that led to me ordering another 4 Wyndham books (Midwich Cuckoos, Kraken Wakes, Trouble with Lichen and Seeds of Time) that I am currently working my way through :)

Now I love reading on my Kindle (well, actually the Kindle app on my Nexus 7), the fact that I can increase the type size for my old, tired eyes, look up words in an instant, have multiple books in my hand at the same time etc. etc., but after reading a couple of these I must say I had forgotten the joy of a dead-tree edition. There is a certain satisfaction in the feel of the pages, folding over a corner to mark my place that just isn't there with an ebook. And I'm also very happy to pay 3 or 4 bucks to recycle a library book I can hold in my hands, rather than $8.99 for a download. And for some reason I have even more of a mental block about paying that much for a book I've already read :/

I will certainly carry on reading on my electronic devices- one huge advantage is that if I buy a book from Amazon I can put it on all our Kindles at the same time, so all three of us will be able to read The Martian (one of Crisp's summer reading books that we're all excited about) at the same time this summer. But I will also carry on getting lovely old paperbacks from ThriftBooks too :)

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