Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Dad's Taxi

Just picked up Crisp and Kristina (with the addition of a Remi) from the mall and dropped them, after a stop at the hotel to drop off Crisp's purchases, back at Kristina's. Now it looks like my evening is my own, which I think will probably consist of more Netflix and another meal at Cracker Barrel (excellent cheap food and primo people watching!).

For want of anything else, here are a couple more pictures of our funky little Chevy Spark in the parking lot at Publix- it's a very cool little car :) And have I mentioned how much I love Publix? I just stopped in for some soda and chips to go with my Netflixing this evening and they are always so clean and bright and well-staffed- and they have real-sugar Dr Pepper :)

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