Thursday, January 28, 2016

Such a simple idea!

Just been grocery shopping at the new Key Foods in Port Chester (they've taken over the old Pathmark store), and this is our receipt.

So simple, make it double sided- I wish other stores would do the same! (particularly CVS- I won't use their loyalty card or give then my phone number coz I'm sick of getting 3 feet of receipt for a single item!)

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Getting his prize

Crisp chatting with the Mayor of Rye at the reception opening the exhibition for the "Heads Up!" distracted walking and driving poster competition. He came 2nd :) His poster is here.

Saturday, January 23, 2016

That is a lot of snow!

And guess who's really happy he doesn't have to shovel it... yep, this guy :)

Sam is gonna earn his money on this one!

How to be productive on a snowy day?

This is the second winter that we have someone to do the snow shoveling, but having done it for 20+ years I still can't get used to sitting still and watching the snow come down- I feel like I should be doing something!

So... I went upstairs this morning and: put away all the microphones from our recording session last weekend and this week, got the church all set up for tomorrow morning (supposing that people are dug out and will come to church), set up for Coffee Hour, rolled up the rug in the chapel to make room for the altar rails after the 10am service tomorrow, moved 2 racks of 48 chairs into the chapel so they're ready to set out for the Interfaith MLK Service tomorrow evening, tested and sound-checked the keyboard for the same service, answered some emails, and made extra DVD copies of the Christmas Pageant so I can give them to the people who've asked for them tomorrow.

I had hoped all that, along with a romp in the snow with Holly, would let me relax, but no- I still felt like I should be doing something- so... I sat down and did our taxes :) It's not that difficult as we own no property and have one income each and no kid in college yet and I do it online, but ever since I screwed up the first year I moved to the States and ended up owing thousands of dollars (I was self employed and did not understand the system at all!) it looms large over me every year.

Now I finally feel like I've been productive today!

Romping at the Rec

They have declared a state of emergency and asked everyone to stay off the roads, so instead of going to the woods Holly and I put our coats on,

and snowshoe'd over to Rye Rec for some intense romping about and stick chasing :)

I think she had a good time- she's smiling in all the pictures.

And now I think it's time to build a fire, find something silly on Netflix, and settle in for the duration :)

And so it begins...

When I went to bed the forecast put us in the 6" to 12" range, but apparently the storm has moved a touch North and now we're in the 12" to 18" band.

About 3" or 4" on the ground already, and it's very windy so it's drifting, but Holly loves it and is racing about like a crazy thing :) I'd love to take her to the woods later on for a trek in my snowshoes, but that'll depend on the roads and if it's still coming down- even with the snow tires discretion is the better part of valor! We can happily pop over to Rye Rec. for a bit of a run today, and the snow will still be there for us in the woods tomorrow :)

Monday, January 18, 2016


After a quick trip to the Palisades Mall so Crisp could take some pictures for his "Seven Deadly Sins" photography project, lunch with my honey at Tandoori which will be followed by a nice, cold dog walk. A pretty good way to spend a day off :)

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Here we go again...

Choir CD recording session, part 2.

I've got to say, I do love my little Zoom box! The wonders of modern technology :)

Saturday, January 16, 2016

And no-one would ever know...

... The church is all put back together for the morning, then we'll do it all again tomorrow afternoon!

Now I just have to go and put a basic version of what we recorded today into a version that Ruaraidh can listen to tonight so he can check the choirs performance ..

Choir Recording

Having fun with my new toy recording the choir... editing this is going to be fun!

Choir CD

Getting set up for the first of 2 recording sessions with the choir this weekend. With these mics, along with some of the fixed ones in the church on the back organ and hanging in the roof, and my new multitrack recorder we should be able to get a nice sound- hope thy're in good voice :)

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Thursday, January 07, 2016

New toy :)

All plumbed into the church sound system- it's a Zoom R16 digital multitrack recorder capable of recording 8 tracks simultaneously that I will use for the next choir CD recording in a couple of weeks (amongst other things).

Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Well, I said I wanted some cold weather...

... I should be careful what I wish for!

Car wouldn't start this morning, so I'm at my mechanic and it seems the battery is kaput, odd as it's less than a year old :(

Update- They replaced the battery for free under warranty (even though this one was a warranty replacement last Feb.)- I love an honest mechanic!

Sunday, January 03, 2016

Put your winter boots on

Having come home from Florida, where it was in the 80s, it's cold enough here to finally put the winter tires on the little car :)

Saturday, January 02, 2016

Last leg (phew!)

The 7:36 Stamford local :)


... and another cab ;)

Penn Station

12 minutes early- yay!

Then we see this- boo!

Newark NJ

On time, next stop... Penn Station!

Almost home :)
(we've just got to get a cab to GCT and then another train from there to Rye)
But we're getting close!

Pulling into DC...

...and we've made up some time, only about 8 minutes behind schedule now :)

On the way to DC...

...and Crisp is eating the last pepperoni pizza (in fact the last pizza of any description) on the train- we'll have to feed him nothing but salads for the next week!

Good morning Raleigh!

Running about 40 minutes behind schedule, but hopefully we should be able to make most of that up over the next 9-odd hours.

Friday, January 01, 2016


We've changed things up a bit- a hot dog and a pizza :)

All aboard!

Here we go again... NYC in 25 hours :)

Preparing to board

Zone 3 rules ;)

On the way home

After lunch and a slightly tearful farewell dropping Kristina off we headed for Tampa to drop off the car at the airport. This was accomplished without incident and we got a cab to the station where we now have to cool our heels for another hour and a half before the train arrives. Unfortunately the station (while being very pretty and, thank goodness, air-conditioned) is not exactly in the center of town- so there is nothing to do but sit around and watch Crisp burn through more of his monthly phone data allotment ;)