Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Quechee Gorge, more hiking, and lobster...

We headed over to Quechee this morning to do some antiquing and a spot of cheese tasting- and Crisp and I hiked down to the bottom of the gorge :)

After lunch in Quechee we headed home, and while everyone else hung out at the house Holly and I headed over to Jamaica State Park to do the Overlook Trail. This was a little more than I was expecting, but was a really nice hike- 2.5 miles that begins behind the campsites and initially climbs 400' in the first mile to the top of Little Ball Mountain, and then descends all the way back down in the next 1/2 mile before joining the West River Trail we were on yesterday for the last mile back to the start. The view from the top was quite spectacular, and it was quite a workout as we did the whole loop in about 45 minutes :)

Then it was off to Stratton for dinner at Mulligan's where it was lobster night :)

Jackie, Grandpa & I had two each (they were small), and Grandma had her first ever lobster (Crisp had a fancy turkey sandwich).

Back to the house for coffee and pie, and then an early night- tomorrow we plan on spending most of the day at the swimming hole as it's supposed to be quite warm :)

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