Friday, September 30, 2016

Roll cage

New roll cage fitted on my rc truck. It's supposed to be for another make and model but it fits very nicely (even though it's on back-to-front so it doesn't block the camera) and works perfectly to protect the electronics and the camera if I roll it over, while still allowing access to the battery etc.

Next up will be to fabricate some body panels so it looks a little less basic :)

Friday, September 23, 2016

Drivin' through the woods

For some reason the section of Saxon Woods where we go most every day was closed off with construction barriers today, but no matter- we just went to the northern section up by the pool. And I took my Everest-10 rock crawler along for the fun of it too, with my little Mobius action camera, sometimes mounted on the truck and sometimes aimed at it :)

It looks a bit funny coz I had to trim off the "hood" of the body so it didn't block the camera... the next thing I want to do for it is to fabricate a roll cage type body that will protect the camera and the electronics while not blocking the view.

Anyhow- here's a little video of some of the fun we had :)

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Friday, September 16, 2016

Friday off in the woods

I decided it's been too long since I just went out with my camera to take pictures for my own enjoyment, so today I took my 7Dii to the woods with Holly. Much as I love my 6D, I'd kind of forgotten how good the 7Dii is, especially when paired with the excellent EF-S 10-22mm :)

I need to get back in the habit of doing this more often!

This old tree becomes almost abstract with this B&W HDR treatment
Sunlight through the leaves
I like this one a lot- almost as much as my favorite one of Holly sitting on a log- I need to play with this one some more!
This lens is surprisingly good for macro
I've no idea who these guys are- I just liked them as a focal point in this composition
Doof :)
Caught her mid-blink
More sunny leaves
I like the contrast in this one
And I like the detail in this
Dog and ball
This did not work as well as I'd hoped- I think I blew it by using a shallow depth-of-field and putting the focus on the bench, it should be on the trees beyond the bench
"Can't a girl get a moments privacy for her bath?"

Saturday, September 10, 2016

The tent... up- and it looks really cool :)

Getting ready...

... for tomorrow's picnic. The tent is going up :)

Crazy hot

It's very hot and humid today, and it looks like it will continue the same tomorrow. So I've had to wrap all the camera gear I want to use tomorrow in plastic and put it in and un-air-conditioned room so it can acclimatize and not get all fogged up.

Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Round the block

Holly has been a little gimpy the last couple of days in the woods, nothing specific but I thought we'd do a couple of days on the leash in case she's pulled or twisted something.

Our girl... to start senior year :)

(in an entirely appropriate t-shirt)

Friday, September 02, 2016

Car wash

Finally got around to washing the road grime and tree sap from our trip to Vermont off the cars... just in time for Tropical Storm Hermine :)

Thursday, September 01, 2016

The big reveal

So... today was the day we went public. The following has been emailed to friends and family (most of whom already knew), people at church, and has been posted on Facebook.

Dear Family and Friends,
Please excuse this coming in an email/Facebook post, but it seemed the most efficient way to reach everyone; we wanted to share some exciting family news about our child Crispian.
As you may or may not know, Crispian has had some issues with depression over the last year or so, but we have now learned that there is a reason behind it- Cris is transgender: she is a girl.
As you can imagine, when Cris first shared this news with us, it was quite a shock, but after educating ourselves and speaking to therapists, doctors and other professionals, we have become convinced that Cris is indeed a transgender female and that living life as a male has been the source of much of Cris’s depression and distress. We have affirmed Cris’s female identity and are using female pronouns for Cris at home. Since receiving this affirmation Cris’s depression is much improved and she is now a much happier teenager.
Cris started hormone replacement therapy about three months ago and is just beginning her transition to present to the world as her true female identity. You may not notice much change at this stage, but she has asked us to request that everyone use female (she/her) pronouns when referring to her from now on, though she will be sticking with “Cris” as her name.
This has been an emotional, unusual time in our lives, but we are proud of Cris for hanging on during the darkest days of her depression when she felt most out-of-place in her body, and for having the courage to share with us what she has been going through. We are thankful for the support we have already received from family, friends, many professionals, and Cris’s school, and look forward to a future we could never have imagined with nervous excitement.
We know many of you will have questions, and if so, we encourage you to contact us. We expect and hope you will be supportive and kind to Cris (and us) through this transition. And if you cannot be, please respect our wishes and say nothing at all.
Our love and support for Cris is unconditional. We hope yours will be also.

Cris & Jackie Thorne

So far the response has been overwhelming positive :) Fingers crossed it stays that way!