Thursday, December 01, 2016

We went to the woods!

Since we got her splint just under a week ago Holly and I have been working our way up to going around the church block a couple of times a day, and she's been getting so good at walking in the splint that I though we would risk a short trip to the woods today to lift both our spirits.

As you can see- she was very happy to be there-

I parked at the bridge at the bottom and we just did the bottom trail along to the bridge and back (as it's nice and flat and mostly smooth), but she got to smell the wet leaves and mark a few of her usual spots :)

She did really well and was happily cruising along in her splint- I'll have to watch her carefully tonight to see that there are no ill effects, but so far she seems fine and is much happier. I'm quite hopeful that we may able to do this every couple of days :)

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