Thursday, January 12, 2017

Shame on you BBC!

I just watched this "documentary" on the BBC iPlayer, Transgender Kids: Who Knows Best, and frankly I'm appalled!

I had read about this on the Grauniad website, and had seen some other press that there was some controversy that the program had not been allowed to be viewed by those in opposition to Zucker's ideas before it was aired, so I wanted to see it for myself.

I have been championing the BBC in the current atmosphere of "fake news" and Trumps ridiculous Twittering and the farcical entertainment that passes for "news" coverage in this country- but this has just shot all that down. The tone, slant, images, editing, in fact pretty much everything about this crap is biased, sensationalist and awful. There is an attempt to show both sides of the argument, but it's clearly there just to show you that the producers are being "fair and balanced" (read that in a sarcastic voice). It's obvious which side the producers are on.

Shame, shame on you John Conroy and "BBC Two's award-winning This World"!

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  1. We agree. Watched a bit and realised how antipathetic it was so switched off. I'm sorry you saw it. Apparently the man in question was sacked from his post - quite right too!!